For Women | Training Tips

Are you having trouble getting or keeping moms in the gym?

Moms are selfless, taking care of everyone else before worrying about their own needs. But moms can only be their best for their families when they make their health a priority. However mom's fitness tends to fall last on her to-do list. As an ISSA Personal Trainer, you can change that. In this article, learn how to get to know the moms in your community and motivate them to join you in the gym and make fitness a priority.

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Senior Fitness

Convince Senior Clients to Take up Meditation

Did you know that in less than ten minutes per day your older clients could significantly improve their training and results? The hard truth is that as we age our brain volume declines, particularly in the areas that guide motor functions. But, research is discovering that the simple act of meditating, for just a few minutes a day, could make all the difference, and actually turn back the clock.

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Special Population | Success Stories

Dealing with Epilepsy as a Fitness Professional

Hear the personal and inspiring story of ISSA certified trainer, Dominic Frazier, who has accomplished so much in sports and fitness while battling a serious, chronic illness. His story helps inspire others to use fitness to overcome challenges.

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Transformation Stories

When Fitness Is Bigger Than Self: Changing Lives of Others

Lily Thorig was a 30-year-old stay at home mother of 2 and was severely over weight.  Fast forward to today, she has not only been able to keep the weight off but was given the opportunity to work at The Camp. She is now Co-District Director for six of their gyms and working on getting her ISSA personal training certification.

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My sister has breast cancer. Can she still work out?

My sister found out she has breast cancer and is wondering if she can still workout at the level she is accustomed to?

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Why Everyone Should Be Counting Sugar

Counting added sugars in your foods is a simple, quick way to make real and lasting impacts on health, fitness, and weight. Help your clients realize just how insidious added sugar is, where it’s lurking, and just how much they really consume in a day. If you can get your clients to count and reduce their sugar intake, they will have an easy tool for making positive, healthy changes.

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Success Stories | Senior Fitness

You are never too old to be a trainer!

Rose Biscardi became an ISSA-certified trainer 10 years ago, with a concentration in helping people 55 and older stay active and fit.  “Nobody can believe that I’m going to be 84 in September,” Biscardi said. “They say they want to do what I do.” And her admirers are not relegated to senior status. Her grandson recently told her, “I hope I got your genes.”

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Youth Fitness

Kids, Fitness and Sports: Call for Fitness Community

Kids need sports and fitness. Physical activity is so important for the physical, social, emotional, and even academic well-being of children, and yet too many of them are not getting access to appropriate fitness or sports opportunities. There is a lot of work to be done here, and we as professionals in the fitness industry have the power to make real change.

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Success Stories

Suzanne Llano: Becoming a Personal Trainer

After Suzanne Llano went through a divorce seven years ago, she could have just become another statistic. After she moved from New York to South Florida as a spaghetti-and-meatball-loving Italian, she could have just been another cliche.  Instead, the 47-year-old single mother of two is living life to the fullest as a personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, fitness model and business owner. How’s that for forging your own identity?

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Safety / Injuries | Training Tips

Dress for Success....Or at Least Injury Prevention

If your clients aren’t wearing the right gear when you train them, they could get hurt. They could also be suffering from poor performance. You know what to wear in the gym, but your clients need your guidance. Read on to find out what to tell your clients about workout gear and how to present it to them as a way to improve performance and safety.

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Training Tips

3 Tips to Help Clients Save Money and Get Fit

Healthy eating and healthy living does not have to cost a fortune. Sure, organic produce costs a lot more and junk food is so easy to pick up for almost nothing, but there are ways that you can help your client make health changes without breaking the bank. We have just three simple and inexpensive things that your clients can start doing right now that will change their lives and improve their health, almost immediately.

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Breaking Down Big Gym Pay

As a trainer or trainer-in-training, you have several options for working with clients, from home-based training to big box gyms. A lot of new trainers set their sights on those big gyms, hoping for the biggest payoff. Before you take that leap, let us show you what payment a big gym actually looks like.  Get all the information before making your next important career decision.

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