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12 month plan

Go Elite and start your new career in four easy steps
This program gives you everything you need to get
certified and start working as a personal trainer.

#1. Choose your specialization

Your Personal Trainer and Nutritionist certifications are included in the program. Choose one extra specialization to
give you an edge. (And if you’re not sure what to pick, our team’s here to help!)

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Glute Specialist
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Group Exercise
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FREE Strength & Conditioning Course, PLUS FREE T3 HIIT Training Course!

#2. Complete your personal training certification

This program will show you what works for every body and why it works for everybody. By the end, you’ll confidently build effective, personalized training plans and know exactly how to help your clients hit their fitness and body goals. Even if you’re starting from zero. 

#3. Use our support system to land your first job

Our team is here to help. We can help you with your resume, offer advice on how to pitch yourself to gyms, and support you through every part of the job application process. We’ve supported thousands of students — we’ve got your back too. 

And — if you’re a US-based student that meets these basic requirements — we offer a 100% job placement guarantee. 

#4. Keep growing your expertise so you can charge higher rates 

Work your way through the rest of your Elite certifications. As an ISSA certified Nutritionist, you’ll master the art and science of properly fueling the body. And as a specialist, you’ll be able to offer something other trainers can’t. 

And when you buy these certs together, you save a lot too.

Proven in Gyms

Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become
the best personal trainer you can be

You’ll change your life in the process too

As an Elite trainer, you’ll know exactly how to:

  • Properly assess, train and motivate any client

  • Pinpoint the best exercises and movements for individual goals

  • Provide nutrition coaching that gets results

  • Create custom plans that get people excited to workout with you

  • Build a profitable career you’ll love

  • Lead fitness conversations in your local community

  • Share your expertise with journalists (and friends) as an industry expert

We’ve helped over 475,000 students succeed. Are you
ready to add your name to that list?

This is how we help you.

  1. #1. All the study materials are designed to help practical, hands-on learners like you

    We’ve got something for every style of learner. Learn your way by working with online textbooks, practical quizzes, audio & video lectures, workbooks, bootcamps, forums and more. 

  2. #2. A dedicated success coach will guide you every step of the way

    Stuck? Your dedicated success coach will be there to point you in the right direction or review your answers. Whatever you need, we’ll be there for you. 

  3. #3. Open book exams take the stress out of passing

    Get your certification from the comfort of your home — no commuting, no testing centers, no pointless bureaucracy. 

  4. #4. Cool extras make it easy to personalize your experience and meet your goals

    Sign up for the fast track program and become a Personal Trainer in just 4 weeks. Or get your CPR/AED certification done online. Or get extra ready for your exam with the auditory, kinesthetic, visual and reading/writing learner pack

  5. #5. Flexible payment plans make it easy to get started today

    With no credit checks, no interest, and multiple options to choose from, you can get started for $1. Seriously. 

Hear what our students are saying:
We're honored to have outstanding reviews from our graduates who can attest to the power of the Certified Personal Trainer course.

Your Certification Creates Opportunities

Pursue your passion for fitness and help bring healthy living to every body - while gaining freedom and making money in a positive way. 

  • Get A Job As A Personal Trainer: Guaranteed
    If you want a job as a personal trainer - you’ve got one. With your certification, a job is guaranteed with one of our 10,000 U.S. gym partners. 

  • Get A Money-Making Side Hustle
    Trainers routinely make $100 an hour or more in small group personal training.  Personal training is the ultimate side hustle where you get to choose when and where you coach.  

  • Become An Influencer
    Make money by posting your workouts and fitness advice. With your ISSA certification, you’ll join some of the world’s top influencers with the credentials people trust.

  • Become An Online Personal Trainer
    Work from home!  You’ll have a free website with your certification to get started. You’ll also be able to build out your bio, attract clients, set up your space from anywhere in the world.

  • Own Your Own Gym
    Network with ISSA professionals to learn how to operate your own gym or work with ISSA’s partners including F45, Camp Gladiator, and more to own a franchise.


Take the first step toward the career you really want

Fitness Coach

2 Courses

Make the gym your office and love what you do.

Elite Trainer

3 Courses
+ FREE Bonus Items

Expand your knowledge and your income.

Master Trainer

6 Courses

Be THE resource for fitness and health for your friends and clients.

Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

Money Back Risk Free Job Promise*

You Will Find a Job as a Certified Personal Trainer
or You'll Get Your Money Back

100% job placement guaranteed. We guarantee you will be a working personal trainer within 6 months of certification. We will refund your course fee in full if you do not receive a job within 6 months of certification.

Step One

Pass your ISSA Personal Trainer Exam and your NCCPT Accredited Proctored Exam

Step Two

Interview with at least 3 gyms within 6 months of completing your certification course (requirements)

Step Three

Meet Basic Requirements of the gyms (background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

The NCCPT exam is included with the purchase of some ISSA CPT course packages. There is an administrative fee to sit for the exam.

*Only available in the continental U.S. Terms and conditions apply.

Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

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