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Unlock the science behind recovery techniques to help athletes and all your clients feel better and get results faster. Show clients how recovery, sleep and stress are connected so you can build long term customer loyalty and maximize your revenue.

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Explore what happens to the body during exercise to help your clients
physically and mentally recover from training.

What You’ll Learn From This Course

As an ISSA Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, you will learn the connections between exercise science and the recovery process. You will also learn the individual factors affecting individual client responses to muscle recovery techniques. While once only seen in physical therapy applications, fitness trainers can now use this information related to sleep, soreness, stress, massage, nutrition, and even DNA.

As an ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialist, you'll help clients reach their fitness goals with a personalized program for their time during their workout and beyond.

  1. Physiology of Muscle Damage

  2. Overtraining

  3. Psychology of Overtraining and Workout Recovery

  4. DNA-Based Recovery

  5. Nutrition and Supplementation

  6. SMR and Flexibility Techniques

  7. Sleep

  8. Massage Therapy

  9. Advanced Recovery Strategies

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What You’ll Get With This Course

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    The main course text includes everything you need to become an ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialist. The course material is continually updated with new information so you can be sure you're receiving the most up-to-date information available.

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  8. Online Final Exam

Why Specialize In Exercise Recovery?

As the awareness and emerging trend of recovery continues to grow, the fitness industry is realizing it is so much more than just stretching, foam rolling and scheduling rest days. Although trainers may realize the importance of emerging recovery techniques, they need a foundational knowledge of the science and the ability to make these holistic health recommendations. Applying the elements of recovery are just as crucial to training programs as the physical activity components. As a Certified Exercise Recovery Specialist, you will deliver a unified approach with clients to get them feeling, looking, and performing their best.

Mastering this cutting-edge topic will send you to the top of the trainer leaderboard, and have clients turning to you as the expert in the latest fitness advancement.

When you specialize in Exercise Recovery, you offer a paramount service to clients. This means you can increase your rates AND have a new, standalone service offering.

Who Are ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialists?

ISSA Certified Exercise Recovery Specialists have a passion for improving the quality of their clients' lives beyond their scheduled workout. They might also have a passion for corrective exercise and personal training, but these specialists take it a step further. Knowing how the body is influenced by sleep quality, stress release, rest, and nutrition - ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialists provide clients with the most robust program to get their best results. ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialists understand the complexities of the recovery process and the risks of not building a comprehensive plan for muscle repair.

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Overtraining is just as unsafe as under-recovering.

So, how do you build the best recovery programs for your clients? As an ISSA Exercise Recovery Specialist, you'll personalize recovery techniques based on thorough assessments and the individualized needs of every client. Custom training like this keeps clients coming back because they know YOU put THEM first.

Rest, Recover, & Read

On your path to becoming a trusted Exercise Recovery Specialist, you'll learn:

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