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ISSA’s partnership with TRAINFITNESS provides fitness professionals even more training options

No two personal trainers are the same. Not only can they vary in terms of training methods and philosophies, but their areas of expertise can differ too. In an effort to provide more value to all the fitness professionals we serve, ISSA has partnered with TRAINFITNESS to offer more in-depth training options in several areas related to health, wellness, and fitness. This enables you to learn more about the fitness topics that interest you most while also preparing you to offer specialized training plans for your desired clients.



Exercise for Pre & Post Natal Clients

Understand how to safely educate and train clients throughout the physiological and anatomical changes the body experiences during pregnancy. Master your ability to help identify and manage risks, optimize nutritional health and provide methodical exercises for your client.

Obesity & Diabetes Management

Grow your personal training opportunities and become an expert in training individuals with Obesity and Diabetes through the ISSA Obesity & Diabetes management program.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

This Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) course teaches personal trainers how to help clients make healthy changes by improving their self-communication skills.

T3 High Intensity Interval Training Workouts

The T3 HIIT Training Course teaches personal trainers how to deliver high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts using a 3-step process to transform the body.

Children's Fitness Instructor

This ISSA Children's Fitness Instructor Course, which is recognized by CIMSPA, teaches personal trainers how to safely and effectively work with kids aged 5 to 15.

Low Back Pain Management

This ISSA Low Back Pain Management course teaches personal trainers how to work with clients who have low back pain, from exercise plan creation to implementation.

Sports Conditioning

This Sports Conditioning course is designed to provide the education and skills personal trainers need to help athletic clients achieve peak sports performance.

Life Coaching

This ISSA Life Coaching Course teaches personal trainers how to help clients achieve their life goals while also learning skills such as stress and time management.

Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance

In this Nutrition for Weight Management & Athletic Performance course, personal trainers learn how to help their clients develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

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