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Help athletic clients perform at optimal levels.

Every sport requires a different training protocol. Learn how to break your client’s sports or activity down, enabling you to create a specialized training program that helps them reach peak sports performance.

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Why become a Sports Conditioning Instructor?

While some clients hire personal trainers to lose weight or build muscle, athletic clients often have more stringent goals. They want to become better in their sport of choice, but they don’t know how to achieve this goal. Or they’ve been told that their performance must improve or they’re off the team which, in the case of professional athletes, can cause them to lose their primary source of income. So, they hire a trainer to develop a fitness program that will boost their sports performance.

The problem is that each sport has a different training protocol. Some require more upper or lower body strength, for instance, while others benefit from the athlete improving their power or speed. As a personal trainer, your client is looking to you for guidance and direction as to where they need to improve, no matter what sport they engage in and play.

Why become a Sports Conditioning Instructor

What You'll Learn From This Course

Upon completing this Sports Conditioning course, personal training professionals will:

  • Gain an advanced understanding of sport-specific training methods and the benefits they can provide for an athlete’s fitness, conditioning, and level of performance

  • Know how to identify and collect information that is critical to an athlete’s performance in any sport or physical activity, making it important to include in their training program

  • Understand the process that trainers can use to break down a sport or other physical activity, analyzing it in depth to gain more knowledge about the most effective training protocol

  • Recognize what information to collect from the clients they train to get a better idea of where additional instruction may be needed to further enhance their performance and skills

  • Be able to develop comprehensive training programs designed to help athletic clients achieve peak performance levels in the sport or activity they choose to pursue

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Training Program Includes:

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Your New Career as a Sports Conditioning Instructor Starts Here

This Sports Conditioning course teaches you how to break down specific sports and physical activities so you can develop the personalized guidance your athletic client both wants and needs. You learn what information is important to consider when designing their training protocol, as well as how to break each sport or activity down into small enough pieces to easily identify the areas your training needs to address to improve their performance and skills.

Completing this course tells clients that you have the expertise needed to help them achieve peak performance levels in all areas of sport, and for athletes of all fitness levels. This helps them perform at maximal levels not just during training, but also during competitive events and games – when their ability to perform at the most optimal level possible matters most.

You can use this Sports Conditioning course to create specialized programs for individual clients or to create a complete training program for a group of athletes in a specific sport. Both approaches can contribute to the success of your personal training business while also establishing you as the go-to trainer for athletes who are interested in achieving their personal best on the court, field, or any other competitive event setting.

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