Help clients with pain in the lower back.

Lower back pain is all too common. Learn how to create exercise programs for clients with pain in this area, also ensuring that the plan you create adheres to pain management guidelines.





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Why become a Low Back Pain Management Instructor?

When your client is in pain, it affects their exercise performance. For some, it makes it almost impossible to be physically active due to the discomfort it creates. For clients who have approval from their healthcare provider to engage in an exercise program, taking this one step can help them manage their lower back pain. And once you complete this Low Back Pain Management Course, you will know exactly what you can do to provide them with this type of remedy.

This course gives you the know-how needed to prescribe workout programs for your personal training clients who suffer from lower back problems, whether acute or chronic in nature. You’ll learn how to prescribe, plan, conduct, and review exercise programs to ensure that they address the needs of clients with low back pain.

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What You'll Learn From This Course

While treating pain is outside a personal trainer’s scope of practice, research indicates that physical activity can be helpful for managing low back pain — as long as the exercise program is properly structured. If you’d like to know how to better help your clients who are facing pain issues in their lower back, this Low Back Pain Management Course will teach you:

  1. The prevalence of low back pain, which you will learn is so common that a majority of your clients have likely dealt with pain in this area at some point in their lives

  2. Which spinal conditions are common in the general population as well as less-common diseases and injuries that impact the lower spine

  3. How low back pain is classified, as well as how its classification impacts the exercise program you create and its corresponding protocol

  4. The ways in which low back pain is diagnosed, giving you an idea of how healthcare professionals determine the extent and severity of someone’s back pain issues

  5. Policies and guidelines for low back pain management, which are important to adhere to when developing and implementing your personal training program

  6. What it means to have pain within lower back tissue and how this pain can impact all areas of a person’s life, both short and long-term

  7. Spinal pathology and various aspects of the lumbar spine, providing an “inside view” of how pain forms and how it affects the spinal column

  8. The role psychology plays in the management of pain, and how you can use this knowledge when delivering your client’s exercise program

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Your New Career as a Low Back Pain Management Instructor Starts Here

You can use this knowledge to help enhance the training programs of your current clients who face this pain issue. Or you can develop an exercise plan specifically for individuals with low back pain, helping them to manage their pain through physical exercise. This program could be delivered on a one-on-one basis with single clients, or it could be provided in a group setting.

Living with pain is not easy. With your help, people can learn how to manage their low back pain while still reaching their fitness goals. Once your clients realize that you know how to create a training plan that helps achieve this goal, you can easily become the go-to trainer for this demographic due to your expertise in this area.

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