Help clients remove their mental barriers to fitness success.

Learn how to identify when a client’s thoughts or words are keeping them from hitting their fitness goals, then change these beliefs so they can transform their bodies – and their lives.





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Why become a Neuro Linguistic Course Instructor?

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) has become hugely popular over the last 10 years as a method to help people identify what is holding them back from reaching their goals and achieving their full potential. NLP is based on the concept that our values, thoughts, and beliefs impact our behaviors. Therefore, if we want to change our behaviors, we must first change how we think.

This course approaches neuro linguistic programming from a personal trainer’s perspective. This enables you to expand your coaching skills through learning a wide variety of well-known and frequently used NLP techniques. You also gain the knowledge needed to utilize and integrate these techniques into your personal training sessions, helping your clients change their thoughts in a way that leads to positive changes in their lives.

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What You'll Learn From This Course

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) refers to the language we use when we think and speak, and how this language impacts our behaviors. In this Neuro Linguistic Programming course, you will:

  1. Learn how a person’s thoughts, beliefs, and values can affect their actions, ultimately impacting their well-being as well as their outcomes when trying to pursue positive lifestyle changes

  2. Gain the knowledge needed to identify when a client’s internal communication is stopping them from achieving their health, fitness, and wellness goals

  3. Develop a greater understanding of the neuro linguistic programming techniques that can be used to help clients change the way they communicate with themselves and others, some of which include mental maps, state management, reframing, and chunking

  4. Build the skills needed to implement neuro linguistic programming strategies with your personal training clients to help them change their desired behaviors and improve their outcomes

  5. Understand how to improve rapport with your clients, also learning which communication methods are most effective when working with people in a coach or trainer role

  6. Be able to effectively motivate and inspire your clients as they work through the stages of change, helping them progress through each stage in the pursuit of their goals

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Your New Career as a Neuro Linguistic Programming Instructor Starts Here

You can apply neuro linguistic programming strategies when working with clients in personal training sessions. These strategies can also be helpful for trainers who offer life coaching or health coaching services. The better you understand human behavior and what prompts people to do the things you do, the easier it becomes to help these individuals change their self-defeating behaviors so they can achieve their desired results.

These same strategies can even be used to help you overcome any barriers that you face in your own life. Maybe you’re having trouble reaching a specific goal or there’s a certain behavior you’ve been trying to change but haven’t found much success. By applying the neuro linguistic programming techniques you learn in this course, you can begin to understand how you may be standing in your way, then change the way you think and behave to create the life you’ve wanted for far too long.

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