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Become a Certified LIFESPAN COACH!

Learn how to help generations of all ages get moving, get active, and stay healthy! The Lifespan Coach Certification gives you the skills you need to train youth and senior clients.
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What You'll Learn

Our course materials provide everything you need to ensure long-term success. Our courses are completely online, and are always updated with the latest in exercise science.

  • Define terms to teach and educate your youth clients — Learn how to relay the importance of exercise and nutrition to your clients, no matter what age. Children interpret things vastly different from a senior – find out how you can effectively communicate to both groups.

  • Movements — Learn additional dynamic flexibility movements to incorporate into your client programs that are beneficial to where they are in life – whether youth or senior.

  • Measure and track physical fitness levels — Learn how to measure and track physical fitness levels in different age groups.

  • Age related disease, strength and cardiovascular development in children and seniors — Learn how to create programs for your clients that are focused on their body's specific needs.

  • Anatomy and physiology — Learn what happens in the body as it ages, and be able to educate your clients no matter where they are in life.

  • Age related disease — Learn what diseases come with aging and how to prevent these diseases for your clients.

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The Importance of a Certified Lifespan Coach

Obesity in youth is simply still too high, with 13.7 million children affected today. And on the other end of the spectrum, at an estimated 73 million, the baby boomer generation is the second-largest demographic just after millennials. And with both groups looking for solutions to their specific health concerns, they need individual guidance to help them create active and healthy lifestyle habits.

As an ISSA Certified Lifespan Coach, you can learn how to teach kids to value a healthy lifestyle – and be a proactive source to helping prevent and decrease childhood obesity numbers. With your certification you will be able to help the youngest generation get excited about exercise and strive to stay active as they get older. You’ll also learn how to approach instructing a senior client. You’ll gain the knowledge to help them understand their bodies changing needs and how to prevent injuries. But most importantly, you’ll be able to help both age groups increase their quality of life. With ISSA’s Lifespan Coach Certification, you’ll make a change in your client’s life through an understanding of health and fitness that they can appreciate no matter where they are in life.

Be the expert in Lifespan Fitness!

Youth and senior clients have vastly different needs when it comes to personal training. If personal trainers want to positively impact their youth and senior clients for life-lasting results, they need to understand the fundamental differences in training these demographics.

The ISSA Lifespan Coach Certification gives you the specific knowledge and skills you need to train youth and senior clients. Find out how to give youth clients the motivation and guidance they need to continue healthy habits into adulthood as you instill the value of health and fitness at an early age. While also learning how to train aging or senior clients to decrease risks caused from inactivity through carefully regimented fitness routines to keep them feeling young, vibrant and healthy.

Lifespan Coaches performing dumbbell bench presses
Lifespan Coach's student doing push ups

Who are Certified Lifespan Coaches?

ISSA Certified Lifespan Coaches are passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. They understand the importance of health and fitness and want to help people of all ages appreciate and share in the love of a healthy lifestyle. Certified Lifespan Coaches are fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to work with people of varying ages, and help them achieve their goals no matter what they are.

Becoming a Certified Lifespan Coach through ISSA means you will be on the path to helping people live long, happy, and healthy lives.

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