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Become a Certified Running Coach!

Lose yourself on the track? Improve your own running and coach others to achieve their personal best with the NEW Running Coach Certification from ISSA.
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What is a Running Coach?

Imagine yourself waiting for a group of runners at a trail to start a long run. Imagine yourself instructing stretches before starting sprints on a track. Imagine yourself helping someone who is beginning their fitness journey start jogging on a treadmill. Can you see it? That is a running coach. A running coach works alongside runners of all levels to break through their own limits.

ISSA Running Coaches are passionate about getting more miles under their feet AND sharing that passion with others. They are the go-to for expert direction on how to improve form, personal goals, fitness, and distance. As a Running Coach, you will share your passion with other athletes and learn training, injury prevention, motivation, and recovery strategies. You will prepare athletes to achieve their goals, whatever they may be! From 5k’s to marathons - you will help them cross that finish line. This course will provide essential information that can help you train the every day to long-distance runners to their specific goals.

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What will you learn with this course?

Learn elements of the human stride and adaptations for all body types along with running technique and drills. You’ll master programming with running workouts for all your clients.  You’ll also learn what it takes to motivate anyone to reach their fitness goals by attending to their physical, mental and emotional needs to work in service to their bodies. With the ISSA Running Coach course, you'll build result-driven training programs by evaluating each of your client's body structure, nutrition, and movement and learn to program the right workout plan for accurate training. You’ll be the expert on how to assess every BODY at any stage in their fitness journey and build custom training programs to help each runner get stronger without pain or injury.

In ISSA’s Certified Running Coach Course, You’ll Learn:


  • Human Anatomy and Terminology

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  • Programming for Running Training

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  • Training Adaptations

  • 4

  • Running Training Programs

  • 5

  • Special Running Considerations

  • 6

  • Running Injury Prevention and Management

    Plus so much more!

“Run to be creative, run to be imaginative, run to be confident, run to be successful, run to be productive, run to be helpful—just run.”

Jason R Karp, TEDxRexburg

What You'll Get With This Course

Online Course Textbook

The main course text includes everything you need to earn an ISSA Running Coach Certification. The course material is continually updated with new information so you can be sure you're receiving the most up-to-date information available.

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From the concepts of running to returning from injuries and even running shoes, The ISSA Running Coach course has everything a future coach needs to get each athlete to the finish line.

On your journey to advancing in fitness as a Running Coach you’ll learn:

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Is the Running Coach course right for you?

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