Sports Psychology | Strength Training

Get Over Your Fear of Strength Training and Get in the Weight Room

Weights aren’t just for meatheads.   As an exercise and health nut, you know the drill. A complete workout means cardio AND strength training. But how do you convince these people? Check out and share the 5 reasons and infographics with your clients to get them into the weight room!

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Sports Psychology

What is the most important factor in workout success?

Football coaching legend Vince Lombardi is credited with the famous quote 'Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.'  Well, not only is the source of the quote misplaced, so, too, is the message.   So then what is the real message and bottom line?

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Training Tips

What Time of Day Will Maximize Your Workout?

You want to get the answer right, for yourself and everyone who turns to you for your expert advice. But, the research has been complicated and confusing. You probably have read a lot of blogs and articles that said working out in the morning is best.  Those articles are mostly wrong!

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Technology | Training Tips

Should You Recommend Foam Rolling Exercises For Your Client?

Have you seen people foam rolling in the gym before and wondered if this is just another fitness fad, or whether it's actually doing something?

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Performance | Safety / Injuries | Training Tips

Is High Intensity Interval Training for Everyone?

If you’ve been in a gym lately, you have probably picked up on the fact that High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, is very much the go-to format for a number of fitness classes these days whether they be cardio based dance classes, boot camps, or intense resistance training programs.  But is HIIT for everyone?

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Sports Psychology | Training Tips

Are your clients actually adopting a fitness lifestyle?

Research shows that a meager 10 percent of all fitness clients actually adopt a fitness lifestyle after they stop getting a personal trainer to assist them.   This bothers Dr. Frederick Hatfield (aka Dr. Squat), the co-founder of ISSA.   What he wants is for each of you to commit to being a better personal trainer and changing those numbers.  To that effect, he shares the ISSA 'Drawing In' process in this article.   

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Performance | Safety / Injuries

Is Your Warm Up Routine Sabotaging your Training?

With a diversity in warm-up strategies, your client may ask if one warm up strategy superior to others at preparing the body to receive maximal benefits from the training session.

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Safety / Injuries | Strength Training | Training Tips

It’s not your fault that YOU DON’T KNOW SQUAT

A recent study surveyed 412 physical education and personal training students?  What they found out will shock you….Over half said they don’t know what proper squat form looks like!

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Performance | Strength Training | Training Tips

Training frequency - What’s The Ideal Number Of Times Your Clients Should Train?

With so much conflicting advice bouncing around gym walls, it’s mentally (and physically) draining to separate fact from fiction and actually lead your client to the holy grail of rapid, lean muscle growth.  One such area in need of major demystifying?  Training frequency - What’s the ideal number of times your clients should train?

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Safety / Injuries

What Your Clients’ Scars Tell You About Their Pain

What you don’t know about your clients’ past injuries could be turning your workouts into torture sessions and ending client relationships).  If you don’t ask about clients’ scars, are you setting them up for “renewed” injuries and more pain?

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Nutrient Timing for Bigger Muscles

Have you wondered whether people should eat before or after a workout? Maybe you have heard of nutrient timing and the anabolic window, but the theories about when and how to use it are confusing. Let's take a closer look at the science of nutrient timing.

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4 Steps to Stand Out From Other Personal Trainers on the Gym Floor

It seems there is an ongoing pressure for trainers to be excellent 'sales' professionals with less focus on their education and training expertise. Trainers are encouraged instead to spend more time connecting with gym members to 'pitch' their services, a skill that few trainers are prepared to employ.  While personal trainers are well versed in fitness and health expertise, they are rarely trained in sales, nor are they interested. This trend is happening nationwide. 

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