Training Tips

Training Tips: The Pectoralis Major

Despite the pectoralis major’s popularity, few people know much about the anatomy and kinesiology of this important muscle. Let’s take a closer look at what you need to know to train this muscle safely and effectively.

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Safety / Injuries

Could Your Shoes Be Giving You Shin Splints?

You know that annoying pain in your lower legs that never seem to get better? This leg pain always seems to slow your training just when you are starting to make some real gains. This group of lower leg injuries commonly referred to as “shin splints” is one of the most commonly occurring injuries in active people. 

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Performance | Training Tips

Rest Periods Between Sets | ISSA

Rest periods between sets is an integral and often overlooked contributor to the success of any strength training program. Chances are, you are not optimizing this crucial variable. So what is the trick to get the most out of your rest? Well, it depends on your training goals and level of conditioning. Optimal rest periods between sets can vary from 30 seconds or less up to 5 minutes!

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Weight Loss

Facts About Fat Burners

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of nutritional products and schemes on the market promising the uninformed consumer faster and easier fat loss. The truth is, the vast majority of these products burn nothing but your money. The few products that actually aid in fat burning or weight reduction can be quite dangerous, even deadly! Nonetheless, most people do not take the time to research the efficacy and safety of a product before they jump on the quick-fix bandwagon.

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