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Lift Weights to Lose Weight

There is a common misconception many of your clients may hold: cardio is the best and really only way to lose weight. Change your clients' minds and help them reach their weight loss goals sooner with strength training sessions in addition to regular cardio.

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Best Diet For Weight Loss?

So, we've got three wildly different plans and successful weight loss with each one. Some would ask the question, "How can this be?" I would ask the question, "Are these plans so different after all?" You see, instead of focusing on the differences between the three strategies that achieve the sa...

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3 Science-Backed Methods for Losing Fat

While it is true that there is no magic pill, or potion to promote healthy and rapid fat loss, there are however, proven scientific methods to help personal training clients burn fat instead of muscle during their workouts, and afterwards as well. An educated and qualified personal trainer can ...

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