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Nathan DeMetz is a certified ISSA trainer, nutritionist, and health coach who holds degrees in exercise science, business information systems, and business management. Additionally, he holds training and nutrition credentials from multiples certifying bodies including those in strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, and special populations.

Nathan works with all client types, including athletes such as fencers, powerlifters, and marathoners, as well as the average Joe or Jane. That said, the majority of his client base consists of executives, educators, legal professionals, and small business owners, 30-60+ years of age, who want help integrating health and fitness into their busy lives. You can read more about Nathan at

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Online Training: Is It a Good Fit For You?

Online training is a training dynamic in which a client works with a trainer without physical proximity to that trainer. As a business—which is what you are whether you run a traditional business or freelance—you must consider the online presence of these training services and adjust your own business model to accommodate the desire of individuals to have online access to the goods and services they want.

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