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FAI Specializations

FAI Specializations

Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist Certification

The ISSA Functional Aging Group Exercise Specialist course is designed for group exercise instructors who want to specialize in training older adults to bring passion and accountability to their workouts. In this course, you will learn to explain what functional aging is and the role that functional exercise plays in health and wellness as we grow older. While playing a positive role in older people’s lives, helping them gain the strength and the fitness needed to achieve and maintain maximum mobility and physical function.

Functional Aging Specialist Certification

Learn how to develop a comprehensive functional training program for older clients – from the initial assessment and exercise choice to workout plan design – that is based on the Functional Aging Training model.

El Especialista En Envejecimiento Funcional

El curso de Certificación de Especialista en Envejecimiento Funcional de ISSA enseña a los profesionales de la salud y el acondicionamiento físico cómo trabajar con clientes mayores de una manera que mejore su capacidad para participar en las actividades cotidianas. En este curso, reconocerá la importancia de preparar adecuadamente a los clientes para el ejercicio funcional a través de rutinas de movimiento específicas. Ademas tendrás un papel positivo en la vida de las personas mayores al ayudarlos a obtener la fuerza y el estado físico que necesitan para mantener un estilo de vida saludable e independiente.

Tai Chi Basic Certification

The ISSA Tai Chi Course teaches to utilize gentle, flowing movements to enhance health in the body and mind in unison. This course will take you through the Yang Style 24 form of Tai Chi and you’ll learn how to best structure your classes using the Yang style of Tai Chi, including how to make the movements more challenging as your clients' progress. Tai Chi is a form of martial arts that contributes to greater physical health and mental health. You’ll aid your clients in stress management, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, and helping them feel their best.

Barefoot Training Specialist

Training based on foot science. The Barefoot Training Specialist Certification sets the foundation for advanced concepts in barefoot activation, reflexive stabilization, and movement efficiency. This course focuses on two important topics, Barefoot Training and Bare Workout. During this course you’ll learn to recognize common foot and core imbalances and how each impacts alignment, stability, and the transfer of impact forces from both a sensory and biomechanics perspective.

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