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Become a Certified Brain Fitness Coach!

Gain the expertise to optimize cognitive function through precise exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes!
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Why Become a Brain Fitness Coach

Why Become a Brain Fitness Coach?

Elevate your fitness career with our specialized Brain Fitness Coach program, designed to enhance your expertise in areas such as neuroplasticity, memory enhancement, and cognitive fitness. Become a recognized leader in the industry, empowering clients to achieve their fitness goals with a unique focus on mental strength.

Our Brain Coaching approach seamlessly integrates cognitive fitness into your training programs, attracting a diverse clientele seeking comprehensive well-being. Stand out in the industry by emphasizing the essential connection between physical activity and mental well-being, tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals seeking cognitive engagement in all stages of life.

What You'll Learn From This Course

The Brain Fitness Coach Certification empowers fitness professionals with the expertise to integrate impactful brain fitness programs into their clients' fitness routines, focusing on promoting overall well-being. This knowledge is tailored to address specific neurological conditions, aiding clients in maintaining an active lifestyle for both their physical and mental health.

After becoming a certified Brain Fitness Coach, you will:

  • Gain insights into memory formation stages and aging-related changes in memory processes.

  • Recognize the significance of fruits, vegetables, and Omega-3 fatty acids for cognitive health, and understand the potential impact of nutritional choices on Alzheimer's Disease and dementia.

  • Comprehend the human circadian rhythm, and articulate effective strategies to enhance sleep and mental well-being.

  • Acquire the skills to design tailored programs addressing neurological conditions, motivating clients with depression, and improving dual-task applications.

  • Help clients, from athletes to aging, in achieving enhanced brain function, improved motor skills, and a comprehensive approach to fitness.

  • Explore topics including neuroplasticity, memory, and the effects of aging on the brain, extending the focus beyond physical exercise as a certified brain fitness coach.

Who are Brain Fitness Coaches?

Becoming an ISSA Brain Fitness Coach involves immersing oneself in a comprehensive program that delves into brain health, mental fitness, and positive intelligence. Through specialized training in cognitive training techniques, neuroplasticity, and memory fundamentals, aspiring Brain Fitness Coaches gain the expertise to guide clients in enhancing cognitive function through tailored exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle interventions. As an ISSA Brain Fitness Coach, you'll possess the expertise to empower clients, enabling them not only to enhance their brain health but also to surpass their mental fitness goals.

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What You'll Get With This Course

Online Course Textbook

The main course text includes everything you need to earn an ISSA Brain Fitness Coach Certification. The course material is continually updated with new information so you can be sure you're receiving the most up-to-date information available.

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ISSA | Brain Fitness What You'll Get Book

  • Online Study Guide

    This online reference guide walks you through the course unit-by-unit, allowing you to gain a better understanding of personal trainer concepts.

  • Practice Exam and Section Quizzes

    The practice exam and quizzes test your understanding of the materials; so while you're reading you're preparing for the exam at the same time.

  • Online and Home Study Exam

    ISSA's certification exam solidifies your proficiency as a fitness professional. Choose a paper-and-pencil exam or utilize our secure online testing portal. One No-cost Retest (if necessary).

  • Online Student Forum

    Our online forum is where you can post client or business challenges and receive guidance from our on-staff Master Trainers and members of the ISSA family worldwide.

  • Free Professional Website

    All ISSA members get a free website to support their personal trainer careers online. Five pages of professionally designed, easily editable, fully hosted content is included. Choose from nine designs and put your best face forward online! To learn more about this benefit, click here.

  • Unlimited Educational Support

    All ISSA students have access to unlimited educational support. If you have questions about the course materials, our on-staff professors can guide you through.

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