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20 Credits

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About the Course

The ISSA Nutrition & Professional Development Bundle is by far the quickest way to earn your credits. This bundle provides you with 10 of ISSA's top CEU courses at one convenient price. Once completed you will earn a total of 20 credits that will fulfill your re-certification requirements.

  1. What’s Included:

    • Secured online enrollment

    • Online exam

    • Instant grading

    • Printable certificate after passing the course

  2. CEU’s Built-in the Bundle:

    • Get a crash course in public relations to grow your professional career.

    • Deep dive into nutrition facts and find out how health, weight, and physical activity are affected by diet.

    • Discover the truth about nutrition science including protein and nutrient breakdown, dietary supplements, and calorie intake.

    • Gain the knowledge and professional skills to make yourself marketable and stand out to employers.

    • Learn new ways to help your clients achieve personal success, while simultaneously completing your continuing education requirements.

  3. CEU’s Built-in the Bundle:

    • About BCAAs: 
      The Impact on Exercise Performance

    • About Bicarbonate Supplement: 
      The Science Behind Use

    • About Caffeine: 
      Methods of Enhanced Performance

    • About Glutamine:
      Effects on Muscle, Protein, and the Immune System

    • Combining Supplements:
      If One is Good, Are Two Better?

    • Hormones and Performance:
      How They Impact One Another

    • Leverage for Personal Trainers:
      Help Clients Overcome Adversity

    • Specific Nutrition:
      Understand Varying Nutrient Needs for Client Results

    • The Fitness Professional's Guide to Public Relations: 
      Resources and Training to Grow Your Career

    • Trainers Guide to Diabetes: 
      Type 1 and 2: Prevention, Help & Education

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