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Josh Wardle is a personal trainer certified through the International Sports Sciences Association and American College of Sports Medicine. His ideals regarding training revolve around having a multi-faceted approach to each individual by coaching them to improve their mental fitness, in addition to physical fitness. In 2014, he graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in exercise science, psychology, and nutrition science. While there, he worked as a personal and group fitness trainer for the Utah State Employee Wellness program. In 2015, Josh helped to create a physical activity curriculum for a state-funded initiative helping low-income families become healthier called "Food $ense". He also co-authored the textbook, "Create an Active Lifestyle", for the program. Josh is currently working as an athletic academic counselor, as well as a graduate student in the Sports Conditioning and Performance degree program at Southern Utah University. He is also working towards becoming a certified mental performance consultant through the Association for Applied Sports Psychology, in preparation to further his multi-disciplinary approach to performance training.

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Mobility Training: Your New Pre-Workout

Instead of pre-workout supplements, it’s time to get on the mobility training bandwagon. It prepares your body for exercise, trains you for proper joint and muscle movements, makes workouts more effective, and reduces the risk of pain, both immediately and long after a workout.

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