Q&A | Training Tips

The Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

Thinking about becoming a personal trainer but not sure what course to select? We’ve compiled some of the key factors you should consider when making your decision.

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Business | Nutrition | Q&A

What Nutrition Advice Can a Personal Trainer Give?

Clients often ask trainers about exercise, nutrition, supplements, and more, but, as a trainer, what should or shouldn’t you talk about? Get the details here on how to handle nutritional discussions as a personal trainer.

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Q&A | Sports Psychology | Training Tips

How Do I Keep Clients Motivated?

How do I keep clients motivated? No matter how much I preach to them that they’ll lose weight and sometimes inches they just won’t hear me out I’m in my 5th month as a trainer.

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Q&A | Safety / Injuries

How does sitting impact my posture?

By now, most of the fitness world knows our society spends too much time sitting and the corresponding impacts on posture and movement. This article helps you break down how it happens and what you and your clients can do about it. Then, we give you a sharable resource you can give to your clients to help them set up their work space in a better way. Check out the latest from ISSA here. 

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My sister has breast cancer. Can she still work out?

My sister found out she has breast cancer and is wondering if she can still workout at the level she is accustomed to?

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Business | Q&A | Senior Fitness

Q&A: Am I Too Old To Be A Personal Trainer?

I am a retired scientist, age 55, I recently graduated with a degree in exercise science and also have the Masters certification [Master Trainer] from ISSA as well, do you think I am too old to be a fitness trainer and to be taken seriously, do you think people will respond well since I am an old guy, I don't look my age at all and am in fantastic shape, however fitness trainers are usually half my age, thoughts?

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