Nutrition & Fitness Coach Certification

What if you could turn your passion for health and fitness into a rewarding career? Imagine having more control over your schedule, the flexibility to work from home, and the confidence to help people get results—and change lives.

It's all possible with the Nutrition & Fitness Coach Certification. Join today and you'll get the industry-leading Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification, plus ISSA's #1 rated Certified Personal Training Certification. That's two world-class certifications—for one affordable price.

This course bundle is provided through our partnership with Precision Nutrition. Once purchased, students will complete their CPT certification through ISSA, while the nutrition certification will be completed through Precision Nutrition.

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"Is the Nutrition & Fitness Coach Certification right for me?"

Whether you're currently in the industry or are thinking about turning your passion for health into a new career, you can learn how to change lives. But you must start with a full education first. And that means learning how to coach both nutrition and exercise.

Fact: Without understanding the science and practice of nutrition coaching, your clients simply won't get the results they want—no matter how much they exercise.

That's why the Nutrition & Fitness Coach Certification is the best choice, no matter where you're starting from. Not only will you boost your exercise knowledge and improve your coaching skills, you'll also become 100% confident in your ability to help people with their nutrition.

And that's the best way to set yourself apart from the competition—while building your future.

The Top Reasons to Become a Nutrition & Fitness Coach.

  • Master the science of nutrition and the art of behavior-change coaching with Precision Nutrition. The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification is proven with over 100,000 clients, and is the #1 most recommended nutrition certification in the world. You'll learn the nutrition science and the behavior-change coaching skills you need to get impressive (and sustainable) results for anyone.
  • Become a world-class personal trainer with ISSA. The ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Course teaches you the latest in exercise science and fitness research, and shows you how to confidently assess your clients and create customized workout plans, so you can help them exercise effectively—whether in the gym or at home.
  • Study online and pass both of your certification exams—without going back to school. Both the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Course are delivered online. Take as much time as you need to study the material. There's no rush, and no deadline.
  • Get a job—or your money back. Not only will you be supported throughout your certification journey, but if you can't find a job on your own after becoming ISSA certified, our team of job placement experts will connect you with one of ISSA's 6,000 partner clubs who are actively seeking ISSA trainers to hire. Learn more about our job guarantee here.
  • Two world-class certifications—for one affordable price. Both the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Course are 100% guaranteed. That means there's zero risk when you join.

Who are Certified Nutrition & Fitness Coaches?

Passionate individuals who have undergone their own personal transformation—and who want to help others experience the joy of a healthy body and life.

Brand-new coaches and trainers who want to set themselves apart and start their career off right—by learning the science of nutrition, the art of behavior-change coaching, and the optimal way to exercise.

Experienced coaches and trainers who want to build more confidence in their skills, improve their nutrition and exercise knowledge, and learn how to get better results for their clients.

What You'll Learn While Becoming a Certified Nutrition & Fitness Coach

To become a Certified Nutrition & Fitness Coach, you'll need to successfully complete both the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and the ISSA Personal Trainer Certification. These two programs will give you everything you need to successfully coach others.

  • The science of nutrition and the art of behavior-change coaching.
  • A proven and practical nutrition coaching system to help anyone get long-lasting results.
  • The latest fitness and exercise research, including how to properly assess, train, and motivate clients.
  • Powerful business and marketing strategies to get new clients and grow your business—even if you're brand new to the industry.
  • How to coach online, from anywhere in the world.

How the Nutrition & Fitness Coach Certification Works

Build the skills you need to help people change their lives through nutrition and exercise coaching. We'll be with you every step of the way.

  • 1

    Earn your Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification credentials. Study from home at your own pace, and take the short open-book exams at the end of each chapter. Get a 75% or higher to earn your credentials. Your official certificate will be mailed to you immediately after you pass!

  • 2

    Earn your ISSA Certified Personal Training credentials. Study from home at your own pace, and take the final exam from home. (No need to go to a testing center.) You'll receive your official certificate shortly after passing.

  • 3

    Start helping others change their lives as a Certified Nutrition & Fitness Coach. Now that you're certified, you can start confidently coaching others. Both certifications show you how to attract clients, build your business, and start getting results right away.

Just Ask Them: What Our Students Say


After getting certified, I feel fully confident to launch my own nutrition coaching business. There were so many things I learned throughout the course. I feel as if it has prepared me to help others achieve their goals and be their best selves. Having my credentials has made all the difference and I love being part of the PN family!



My biggest struggle before joining PN Level 1 was relating to clients. I could advise clients on tracking their macros, but I felt that something wasn't right. After studying the PN Level 1 material, I learned how my previous level of planning wasn't always necessary. Now I feel that I can relate to anyone and coach them without following any specific diet or tracking their food. I learned how to get people the results they're looking for.



I've always been interested in nutrition and enjoyed helping people, but I didn't know where to start. Not only did I understand the information in the PN Level 1 Certification, I actually ENJOYED it. It's also changed the trajectory of my career path. I'm a 9-5er, and I love my job, but I've always wanted to truly help people. Now I can help my friends and family to feel their absolute best. I can help clients get off the disordered eating hamster wheel that I used to get stuck on.



I joined PN to learn a system that would help me coach our clients in a way that was truly sustainable and transformational. I was already a certified health coach, and while I learned a lot of theories and models from that, I didn't know how to put it all together. Thankfully, PN taught me how to coach. Now that I'm certified, I've taken what I've learned and run with it.



You Will Find a Job as a Certified Personal Trainer or You'll Get Your Money Back

Find a Job or Your Money Back

100% job placement guaranteed. We guarantee you will be a working personal trainer within 6 months of certification. We will refund your course fee in full if you do not receive a job within 6 months of certification.


Pass your ISSA Personal Trainer Exam and your NCCPT Accredited Proctored Exam


Interview with at least 3 gyms within 6 months of completing your certification course (requirements)


Meet Basic Requirements of the gyms (background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

The exam is included with the purchase of the ISSA CPT course. There is an administrative fee to sit for the exam.

ISSA graduates often find jobs at partner gyms including:

Youfit Health Club Midtown Athletic Club Golds Gym Anytime Fitness

*Only available in the continental U.S. Terms and conditions apply.

Take your personal trainer career where you want it to go!

We offer the following options to level up your career as a personal trainer.


Certified Personal Trainer Learn More


Fitness Coach Learn More


Elite Trainer (E-CPT) Learn More


Master Trainer (M-CPT) Learn More
Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

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