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Become a Certified Nutrition Coach, and learn how to change lives.

Study from home. Get certified. Boost your career. (Plus, save 30% on your nutrition certification today!)
ISSA has partnered with Precision Nutrition, the world leader in the science and practice of nutrition coaching.
 Proven with over 100,000 clients, the Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification will teach you everything you want to know about nutrition.

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Here's what you get with the Precision Nutrition Certification


3 brand-new textbooks, shipped directly to your home.
We took the latest research in nutrition and behavior-change psychology, and compiled everything into an easy-to-understand format. With 600+ pages of material, you'll quickly learn the best nutrition science and coaching strategies to help anyone achieve their goals.

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Custom video lessons to help you absorb what you're learning.
Each video seminar is richly animated, and corresponds with each textbook chapter to help you better learn the material. Watch whenever you like!

40+ nutrition coaching tools.
Including assessment forms, and questionnaires. These are the tools the best professionals use every single day.

Professional Edition Nutrition Calculator.
Instantly create customized eating plans for yourself and your clients. Simply enter your client's personal details including age, weight, goals, dietary preferences (and more!) and the Professional Edition Nutrition Calculator will take care of the rest.

Access to an online community of like-minded people and top experts.
Get advice and feedback from PN's top experts and coaches, plus connect with your colleagues and fellow health and fitness enthusiasts! Ask questions, troubleshoot specific coaching scenarios, and get feedback or advice whenever you need it.

As a certified nutrition coach you'll:

  • Master your own nutrition, so you can reach your personal goals while becoming an expert who can help others.

  • Learn how to change lives, with a scientifically-proven system that's been tested with over 100,000 people from around the world.

  • Get more control over your schedule, by learning how to coach nutrition on your terms—whether in person or online.

  • Have the qualifications and confidence to help anyone get fast, sustainable results.

  • Get access to the best nutrition coaching tools available anywhere—including custom assessment forms, worksheets, videos, and a supportive group of industry experts and colleagues.

As seen in...

Precision Nutrition advises organizations around the world, coaches, elite athletes & sports teams, and has been featured in leading publications. There's a reason over 2 million people come to our website for advice every single month.


How the Nutrition Certification works


  • Get started right away.

    Once you invest in the program, you can get started immediately with our online study strategy guide. You'll get access to our mobile and desktop coaching platform, which you can access from any device. Plus, we'll ship your textbooks anywhere in the world—free of charge.

  • 2

  • Follow the easy 3-step process.

    Once you receive your course textbooks and materials, you'll find all your custom forms and assessment tools. From there, simply follow the 3 step process: Step 1) Read a chapter, watch the video, and answer the study guide questions. Step 2) Practice and play with real-world case studies. Step 3) Take the short, open-book exam at the end of each chapter.

  • 3

  • Become nutrition certified!

    By the end of the course, you'll have written 20 short 10-question exams for a total of 200 questions. (Remember: It's all open-book.) Get at least 150 of these questions correct (75%) to earn your credentials. We'll send your official certificate immediately after you pass. Most of our students pass on the first try. But just in case you don't, you'll still have 5 more tries at the exam.


What's next for your career? Let's find out together.

Whether you're thinking of starting a new career in health and fitnessboosting your nutrition skills for yourself, or trying online coaching, now is the time for action.

We'll teach you everything you need to know about nutrition coaching, so you can start getting life-changing results—for yourself and your clients. And once you graduate, you'll have the world-famous Precision Nutrition brand and community behind you.

Just imagine...

Imagine how good it will feel to have the confidence, credibility, and tools to take control of your own nutrition—and help others. Imagine having more flexibility with your schedule, whether you're coaching people online or in person. Imagine feeling excited to wake up in the morning...knowing that you're doing work that really matters.

We're ready to teach you everything we know about nutrition coaching.

But the next step is yours.

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What if you could turn your passion for health and fitness into a flexible new career?

If you're passionate about health and fitness, chances are you've undergone your own personal transformation. Maybe you've lost a significant amount of weight. Maybe you've gained muscle and boosted your strength. Or maybe you've changed your eating habits, and finally have more energy for the things you love.

Whatever the case, you have the opportunity to turn your passion for fitness into a powerful vehicle to help others—and maybe even start a new career!

But it's important to know that what worked for you may not work for everyone. Every client you work with is different. That's why the best coaches have a deep understanding of how nutrition works, and know how to use behavior-change psychology to deliver the best results.

So when a client asks a question like:

  • "How does keto / carb-cycling / intermittent fasting really work?"

  • "Can I get results without tracking my macros or calories?"

  • "What's the healthiest way to transition to a vegan diet?"

... you'll know exactly how to answer, and what to do next.

The Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification will teach you everything you need to know about nutrition coaching, so you can feel confident in your ability to get results for anyone (including yourself).

Top 6 Reasons to Become a Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Learn how to coach nutrition, whether part-time or as a new career.

  • Study online and pass your certification exam—without going back to school.

  • Trusted by the pros, including the NBA, NFL, UFC, and Nike.

  • Proven to work with over 100,000 clients, and backed by 3 scientific journal publications.

  • 100% money-back guarantee. No risk or obligation.

  • Free shipping anywhere in the world. Get your certification materials shipped directly to your door, at no cost, no matter where you live on the planet.

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