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Everything you need to know to improve strength, speed, agility and
coordination for professional, or amateur athletes. This ever-expanding field can
open several possible career paths for you in personal training. Arm yourself
with the knowledge and credentials to succeed.

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Why become a Performance Enhancement Specialist?

Performance Enhancement Specialists create unique paths to improve strength, agility, and coordination for athletes of all levels. They provide the guidance needed to help clients identify the causes of overtraining and injury, develop programs to evaluate each athlete's fitness level properly, and empower them to make lasting positive changes in their sport. ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialists offer the knowledge and credentials that are essential for anyone wanting to make progress toward their goals.
Become a Performance Enhancement Specialist if you:

  • Want to help athletes reach their full potential.

  • Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing results firsthand.

  • Want the opportunity to be part of a team and contribute to its success.

  • Find that achieving mental preparedness is necessary for optimal performance.

  • Interested in nutrition and supplementation in  health and fitness goals.

Who are ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialists?

ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialists are experienced professionals who understand that developing skills to improve in a sport takes dedication, hard work, and passion. Whether working with a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro, an ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialist can help anyone take their game to the next level. With the knowledge and credentials to make individualized programs tailored to each athlete based on age, fitness level, and goals, ISSA Trainers will work with athletes to identify and overcome physical and mental challenges, as well as focus on nutrition, supplementation, and injury prevention.

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What You'll Get With This Course

Online Course Textbook

The main course text includes everything you need to become an ISSA Performance Enhancement Specialist. The course material is continually updated with new information so you can be sure you're receiving the most up-to-date information available.

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Preview the first chapter

Meet the author Thomas Fahey, EdD

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  • Online Study Guide and Workbook

    This online handy reference guide walks you through the course unit-by-unit, allowing you to gain a better understanding of personal trainer concepts.

  • Practice Exam and Section Quizzes

    The practice exam and quizzes test your understanding of the materials; so while you're reading you're preparing for the exam at the same time.

  • Online Exercise Lab

    ISSA and Hyperstrike provide you with an exclusive online exercise lab with over 250 animated exercises. 3D animation and three different angles ensure that proper form and technique are a breeze!

  • Online and Home Study Exam

    ISSA's certification exam solidifies your proficiency as a fitness professional. Choose a paper-and-pencil exam or utilize our secure online testing portal. One No-cost Retest (if necessary).

  • Online Student Forum

    Our online forum is where you can post client or business challenges and receive guidance from our on-staff Master Trainers and members of the ISSA family worldwide.

  • Free Professional Website

    All ISSA members get a free website to support their personal trainer careers online. Five pages of professionally designed, easily editable, fully hosted content is included. Choose from nine designs and put your best face forward online! To learn more about this benefit, click here.

  • Unlimited Educational Support

    All ISSA students have access to unlimited educational support. If you have questions about the course materials, our on-staff professors can guide you through.

Your New Career in Performance Enhancement Starts Here

Sports have risen to a massive platform. There is big money that requires a large support staff. By getting your Performance Enhancement Certificate, you will gain the tools, knowledge and credentials to enter this powerful and highly valued career. Professional and amateur athletes at all levels -- from grade-school club teams to the National Football League -- need the assistance of expert personal trainers to excel at their sports.

  • Study at your own pace with flexible, online learning.

  • Pass your certification exam online wherever you're most comfortable.

  • Enjoy unlimited educational support from your team who loves fitness!

  • Rest easy with great customer support throughout your certification.

ISSA trainer and client stretching
ISSA trainer and clients working out outside on track

Read On About Performance Enhancement:

From speed training to injury prevention, Performance Enhancement Specialists have the tools to help athletes of any level reach their full potential.

On your path to becoming a Performance Enhancement Specialist, you’ll learn:

- 7 Plyometrics for Speed and Power

- Best Exercises to Improve Agility and Why Clients Need Them

- Type 2a Muscle Fibers: Training for Explosiveness

- Should You Add Reactive Training to Your Fitness Program?

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