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Trainer waving to his online class
Trainer waving to his online class
Trainer waving to his online class

Certified Personal Trainer + Virtual Training Bundle

Start your career as a Certified Personal Trainer and a Virtual Trainer completely online! Take the course, learn the ins and outs of virtual personal training, pass the certification final exam, and be guaranteed an interview with FlexIt!

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How It Works

We know that balancing your studies with an already busy schedule can be a challenge, which is why we designed a flexible, self-paced online course schedule that allows you to study when, where, and how often you'd like.


  • Get Instant Access and Start Studying Right Away

    Access your digital textbook online. With 1-2 hours of studying per day, most students finish the course in just 8-10 weeks. Feel free to study at your own pace.

  • 2

  • Complete Quizzes and Test Your Comprehension

    We offer multiple online practice quizzes throughout the course to completely prepare you for the final exam and for real-life personal trainer scenarios.

  • 3

  • Take the Open-Book, Untimed Final Exam from Anywhere

    You read that correctly - the final exam is online, open-book, untimed, and can be completed over multiple sessions! You can even go back and change any answer, at any time, before you submit your exam. If you don't pass the first time, we even allow you to re-take the exam.

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The CPT + Virtual Trainer bundle is everything you need to know as a Personal Trainer with an additional focus on virtual personal training. The course covers tips and tricks on how to build out your bio, attract clients, set up your space, cue virtually, and so much more. Plus, you'll have access to our certification exam which will test your knowledge and understanding of this exciting new field.

This bundle is the authoritative guide to get you started with your virtual certified personal training career. Brought to you in conjunction with FlexIt, the world’s premier Virtual Personal Training platform that facilitates live, on-demand, 1-on-1 personal training sessions with elite certified fitness and wellness professionals. And if that's not enough, we'll also guarantee an interview with FlexIt, to help jump start your career!

What You'll Get With This Course

You’ll learn exactly what it takes to motivate anyone to make their fitness goals a reality. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge of the body's muscle and skeletal structure to provide the right exercise at the right time. You’ll be expert at how to assess and build custom training programs and how to help clients get stronger with less pain or injury.  Your course will even help you start and grow a profitable training business.

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Online Certified Personal Trainer

  • Online Practice Quizzes

    Prepare for your final exam as you study! Take chapter quizzes to ensure you're ready to pass the final exam and earn your Personal Trainer Certification. These practice quizzes will not affect your final score, they are just here to help you pass and earn your certification with flying colors!

  • Audio and Video Lecture Options

    Are you more of an auditory or visual learner? We've got you covered. ISSA provides course lectures as audio and video files for students looking for additional study options, or are just simply looking for an extra resource to complement their reading.

  • Online Workbook

    Our online workbook walks you through the certification course chapter by chapter, giving you the knowledge you need to pass the final exam. You'll also have access to numerous exercise videos to help you ensure proper form and technique.

  • Online Student Forum

    Our exclusive online ISSA trainer forum is where you can turn to for advice from ISSA Master Trainers. Post personal, client, or business questions and receive guidance from our on-staff personal training experts and the worldwide ISSA community.

  • ISSA Take Home Personal Trainer Certification Exam

    The ISSA Personal Trainer Certification Exam solidifies you as a recognized expert in personal training. You can take the certified personal trainer final exam with pen and paper, or securely online. This is an open-book exam, with multiple-choice questions and essay portions. Plus, you'll receive free retakes if you don't pass the first time (but, with our study materials - you'll have everything you need to pass!).

    In helping you determine your future goals as a Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA offers two options. Learn more about the ISSA exam. Learn more about the ISSA exam

  • Virtual Training Course

    Learn about the intricacies of Virtual Personal Training from the experts at FlexIt. Get tips and tricks on how to build out your bio, attract clients, set up your space, cue virtually, and so much more. Plus a guaranteed interview!

  • NCCPT accredited exam*

    We pair the NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer NCCA accredited exam with our course to ensure you have access to even more career opportunities.

    *Proctoring fee not included

  • CPT Education Bootcamp

    ISSA's CPT Bootcamp provides you with the ultimate LIVE guide to studying, understanding, and passing your course. Over the course of 5 weeks, you'll receive direct access to ISSA's CPT geniuses, take part in live study tutorials that deep-dive into specific concepts of the course, and find out EXACTLY what you need to know to pass your final exam with flying colors - a $600 value that you'll get for FREE!

  • Fast Track Program

    Fast Track is like your answer key to pass the exam. Study fast, get certified and start your new career.

  • Get a FREE Professional Website

    Every ISSA Certified Personal Trainer gets a free website to support their career online. Get five pages of professionally designed, easily customized, and fully hosted content - for free! Pick from a library of templates that let you put your best face forward and promote your personal training services to a wider range of potential clients. To learn more about this benefit, click here.

  • Unlimited Support - Even After You're Certified!

    ISSA students, certified fitness trainers, and those just looking into a career as a certified personal trainer all receive unlimited support from our teams of dedicated advisers. Have questions about our courses? Study materials? Need help with a quiz? Or, are you looking for the best payment plan for you? Our on-staff experts can help guide you through whatever your needs may be. And, this support continues even after you earn your pass your personal trainer exam. They can even help if you're looking for information about recertification, continuing education, or if you have an interest in a specialized certification - we're here to assist you succeed in whatever health and fitness career you strive to achieve!

You Can Be Confident About Getting Certified with ISSA

Top 6 Reasons to get the CPT + Virtual Trainer Bundle

  • Be your own boss

  • Set your own schedule

  • Do work you are passionate about

  • Make money in a positive way

  • Create financial freedom

  • Work at the gym and from home

Training Program Includes:

  • CPT + Virtual Training Bundle Certification

    The complete online program to get certified as a personal trainer and a virtual trainer in one course. Learn how to help others hit their fitness goals safely and effectively, whether those goals are to lose weight, increase muscle, or improve health virtually or in person

  • Dedicated Success Coach

    Your personal coach will help you study and pass your exam. Having a success coach is like having a mentor, tutor, and study partner all in one.

  • Fast Track Program to Passing

    Get certified on your schedule - in as little as 4 weeks. The sooner you earn your certification, the faster you can start training clients and earning income.

What Our Students Say About Us

We're proud of our graduates' outstanding reviews regarding their ISSA experience!

What You'll Learn From This Course

ISSA created a comprehensive CPT Virtual Trainer Bundle course that blends science-based research with real-world application. Equipped with ISSA's Personal Training Certification and Virtual Personal Training course, you can learn quickly, start training clients, and build a lifelong career as a successful personal trainer. Once you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  • Provide current or future clients with customized training programs based on their individual health and fitness goals. Go beyond "workout more" and "eat healthier" and give clients the true answer to their real needs.

  • Learn how to assess a client's unique body structure and how it reacts to movement. Then, you can effectively communicate that to your client and provide personal direction so they can see real long-lasting results.

  • Apply the principles of human motivation and learn how to make client fitness goals a reality in both virtual and in person training!

  • Learn how to instruct clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in addition to a regular workout program. Share real and detailed outcomes of how diet and exercise work together to transform people's lives.

  • Gain the in-depth knowledge it takes to understand the body's muscle and skeletal structure and how they respond to exercise and movements. By the time you're done with our exam, musculoskeletal and musculature will be a natural part of your vocabulary.

Certified Personal Trainers Posing

What You'll Gain in a Career as a Certified Personal Trainer and Virtual Trainer

At ISSA, the success of our students is all that matters. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Virtual Trainer you can pursue your passion for fitness and help create a healthy lifestyle for your clients - while making money in a positive way.

Become certified with ISSA and receive:

  • Convenience & Confidence

    Study and pass your certification exam at your own pace, on your own schedule with flexible, online learning. And get peace of mind from our job placement guarantee.

  • Practical Knowledge

    The education you get through ISSA will help you not only pass the certification exam, but will give you practical skills you can use to succeed as a personal trainer.

  • Lifelong Support

    Just like you, our dedicated Student Success Coaches love fitness. They provide support and guidance before, during and after your certification process. ISSA is a partner for life!

  • More Opportunities

    Our students have benefited from our collaborations with well-known gyms and health clubs, which have provided a variety of career possibilities. With the completion of this course, you will automatically be invited to interview for our virtual training partner FlexIt. Adding a virtual training specialty to your career in personal training is a great way to keep in front of as many clients as possible!

  • Continuing Education

    Continuing your education keeps you certified as a personal trainer while enhancing your knowledge and expertise. ISSA features 250+ certifications, specializations, and CEU courses.

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Risk FREE!
Job Placement Guaranteed or

You'll Get Your Money Back.

ISSA | Money Back Asset

We guarantee you will be a working personal trainer within 6 months of certification. We will refund your course fee in full if you do not receive a job within 6 months of certification.

Step One

Pass your ISSA Personal Trainer Exam and your NCCPT Accredited Proctored Exam

Step Two

Interview with at least 3 gyms within 6 months of completing your certification course (requirements)

Step Three

Meet Basic Requirements of the gyms (background check, drug test, available to work in the U.S.)

The NCCPT exam is included with the purchase of some ISSA CPT course packages. There is an administrative fee to sit for the exam.

*Only available in the continental U.S. Terms and conditions apply.

Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required to get my personal training certificate?

You must meet the following:

  • Submission of all course quizzes

  • A score of 70% for CPT, a score of 75% or better on all sections of the final examination

  • Proof of current Adult CPR/AED certificate

Is there any interest on payment plans?

No! There is 0% interest on all ISSA courses.

Does ISSA offer the ability to take quizzes and exams online?

Yes, Online testing, for both quizzes and final exams, is the preferred testing method. Online testing saves you the hassle of organizing and photocopying your answer sheets, saves you from a trip to the post office, saves you postage for registered mail, and keeps track of your submissions in your Member Account. What's more, online testing produces a much faster turn-around time for grading!

Can I get a printed copy of the textbook?

In addition to the free online version of the course textbooks, you can purchase printed copies of our most popular courses. Click here to look for your course and buy the book.

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