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4 Easy Steps for Creating a Family Fitness Plan

Fitness is hard, and making it a regular habit is challenging for most people, let alone families with busy schedules. If you really want to commit to health and fitness for your kids, you need to guide them and get active with them. Here, we give you the steps you need to craft a family fitness ...

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Guide to Youth Fitness Programming

The trainer and sports coach are on the front lines when it comes to helping kids begin, maintain, and grow healthy habits. Here's your guide to youth fitness programming to develop and deliver highly effective and engaging fitness programs for kids of all ages!

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Kids, Fitness and Sports: Call for Fitness Community

Kids need sports and fitness. Physical activity is so important for the physical, social, emotional, and even academic well-being of children, and yet too many of them are not getting access to appropriate fitness or sports opportunities. There is a lot of work to be done here, and we as professi...

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