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Why Your Training Business Needs Small Group Fitness

Looking to improve your personal training business? Small group fitness can increase your income AND client accountability! Get the details on the blog. 

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Outdoor Boot Camp 101

Outdoor boot camps are a hot trend, but they require a lot of planning to get started. Let our boot camp expert take you through the process with this handy guide to everything you need to know before hosting your first outdoor boot camp class.

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Group Personal Training: Earn More and Save Time

Ready to earn more money as a trainer in less time? Learn more about why you need to start offering group personal training sessions. Check out this new ISSA post on how to do it right and get a free handout with tips and tricks for getting started.

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9 Foam Rolling Secret Benefits Everyone Should Know

Foam rolling and other types of self-myofascial release are a common part of any trainer’s toolbox. But, there are some key secrets the best trainers know when using SMR in client programs--learn 9 of these secret benefits of foam rolling from our experts to set yourself apart from other trainers.

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