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What Qualifications Do I Need to Be an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

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DATE: 2024-03-25

The number of exercisers with a fitness routine that includes an indoor cycling class has increased from 20.2% to 32.6% in recent years according to a SweatLife’s annual State of Fitness Survey. This means that more cycling instructors are needed to meet the increasing demand.

If you’re interested in leading a cycling class, you may be wondering about the qualifications needed. That’s definitely important to know. Before getting into that, let’s be clear about what an indoor cycling instructor does. 

An Overview of the Indoor Cycling Instructor Role

On a basic level, an indoor cycling instructor is a group fitness instructor specializing in stationary cycling. But what they do is so much more.

This fitness professional is responsible for developing a cycling class that is both safe and fun. This requires that they put a lot of time into class design. They must take steps to reduce the risk of injury while providing effective group fitness. So, they constantly practice and hone their role as a indoor cycling instructor. Each class session is an opportunity to improve their technique, making them a better leader.

At the same time, the cycling class must be fun. A successful indoor cycling instructor motivates participants to keep coming back. If you’ve ever worked as a fitness instructor, you know how difficult this can be at times. 

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be an Indoor Cycling Instructor?

If you’re interested in this fitness industry role, a training course can help you prepare. It’s like how personal training courses are key to learning how to provide one-on-one training. In this case, training prepares you to lead an indoor cycling group fitness class.

Does this mean that it’s enough to be experienced in group exercise? Put another way, can you be an indoor cycling instructor if you have a background in group fitness? It helps, but training in indoor cycling specifically is important.

A group fitness instructor can specialize in many different areas. A Pilates instructor, for instance, specializes in Pilates exercise. But this doesn’t automatically qualify them to work as an indoor cycling instructor.

There are additional things an instructor needs to know when leading indoor cycling classes. An indoor cycling instructor must have knowledge in:

  • Proper cycling techniques

  • How to set up cycling equipment for individual clients

  • Cycling equipment safety

  • Indoor cycling program design

  • Ways to create an ideal cycling environment

This is all important knowledge for an indoor cycling instructor. Many employers also require that their instructors have an indoor cycling certification. 

Importance of Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification

An indoor cycling certification helps prove competency in this role. A certain level of knowledge is needed to pass the certification exam. You must understand basics, like human anatomy and response to exercise. You must also know how to teach indoor cycling specifically. Indoor cycling instructor certification ensures that you have this knowledge.

In this respect, it’s not much different than personal trainer certification. Being a certified personal trainer suggests that you know how to design and implement a fitness program. The same is true for a certified indoor cycling instructor. Indoor cycling instructor certification signifies your abilities in this area. It tells employers that you have the skills needed to fill this role.

Earning this group fitness certification is also a good step for individuals who desire a higher-level role. Maybe you want to work your way to cycling master instructor, for example. Try to find a master instructor who is not certified. It’s possible, but not likely.

There are also a few client-facing benefits of indoor cycling certification. Imagine that you want to take an indoor cycling class. When looking in your area, you find two classes. One is taught by a cycling instructor. The other is led by a certified cycling instructor. Which one would you choose?

Having a certification provides potential clients with greater peace of mind. It gives them a certain level of faith in your abilities. They know that you can provide them with the results they desire. They also feel more comfortable giving you their trust.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Cycling Instructor?

Every certification course is different. But generally speaking, you can become a certified indoor cycling instructor within a couple of months.

This is especially true if you take an online certification program. An online cycling instructor certification course is typically self-paced. So, you can go as slow or as fast as you’d like. Want to be certified quickly? Spend more time studying each week to speed the class up. Need more time to earn your certification? That works too. You are in control.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Certification Program

You’re ready to pursue indoor cycling instructor certification. How do you know which program to choose?

First and foremost, it should provide comprehensive instruction on various aspects of leading an indoor cycling class. This includes class design and implementation. It should also cover group fitness basics. You should walk away knowing how to teach multiple people at one time. This involves learning how to cue groups, ways to monitor multiple class participants, and how to adjust a class for varying fitness levels.

Other factors to consider before choosing a indoor cycling instructor certification course include:

  • How the course is provided. Is the class in-person or online? If it’s in person, how often do you need to show up? An online certification program offers greater flexibility. But it also requires that you have good internet access. It’s also helpful to consider where you will do your online studies. Do you have a quiet space that you can study in at home, for instance? If not, can you go to a local library to earn your cycling instructor certification?

  • How much help is available. What happens if you are working on your certification and get stuck? Maybe you’re struggling with learning human anatomy. Or you might not understand a specific aspect of group class design. Does the certification program provide someone you can go to? Having your own coach available can help you reach greater success by providing advice and guidance.

  • What others have to say about the certification program. One of the best ways to learn about a certification course is to look at past student reviews. What do they say they liked about the indoor cycling instructor co https://www.issaonline.com/blog/post/the-best-personal-trainer-certification-programsurse? What didn’t they like? Use their input to help make your determination. Some will even provide tips for improving your success within that instructor course.

  • What’s included. Some certification courses charge separately for learning materials. You have to pay extra for the textbook or it doesn’t include the cost of the study guide. These expenses can add up. So, pay attention to what materials the certification course includes. The fewer add-on costs, the better. Also, consider any extras that the course provides. This includes online videos, exam costs, and unlimited support.

Ready to become a certified indoor cycling instructor? Get started by checking out the ISSA Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification course. This course covers class design, equipment, and riding techniques. You also receive a dedicated Success Coach, a free professional website, and much more.

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