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ISSA has partnered with the Functional Aging Institute to offer more in-depth training options in several health, wellness, and fitness areas. This enables you to learn more about the fitness topics that interest you most while also preparing you to offer unique training plans for your desired clients.

FAI Continuing Education

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Anchor Point Training Certification

ISSA’s Anchor Point Training (APT) Certification course teaches personal trainers how to train a variety of clients with the use of anchored fitness tools.

Active Aging Suspension Training

This ISSA certification course teaches personal trainers how to use anchor point training with older clients, providing functional movement training.

Functional Core and Balance Program

This ISSA course teaches personal trainers how to develop fitness programs for older clients with a focus on functional core and balance exercises and strategies.

AgeWell Collective

This ISSA course is designed for personal trainers who want to help older clients via a training program that addresses multiple aspects of the aging process.

Stroke Recovery Training

This ISSA course teaches fitness professionals how to work with stroke survivors, providing insight into the effects of a stroke and ways to support better recovery.

Complete Guide to Balance Training

In this ISSA course, personal trainers learn all about balance training, including fall risk factors, how exercise can help, which assessments are best, and more.

Intro to Kettlebells for Active Agers

In this ISSA course, fitness instructors learn how to develop and deliver a kettlebell training program for older clients, and the benefits of this fitness method.

Training Clients with Joint Replacements

This ISSA certification course teaches personal trainers how to work with clients who’ve had joint replacement surgery or are dealing with degenerative joint issues.

FAI Business Academy/Client Attraction System

In this ISSA course, personal trainers learn effective strategies for attracting new clients, helping them grow their client list and increasing business success.

Mastering Movement Disorders

This ISSA course teaches personal trainers the most common movement disorders, how they impact the body, and how to address them in fitness and rehab settings.

Feet, Fascia, and Functional Movement

This ISSA course explains the connection between feet, fascia, and functional movement, enabling personal trainers to improve clients’ foot function and performance.

Pelvic Balance Workshop

This ISSA course teaches fitness trainers how to assess pelvic function, then develop an exercise program designed to help clients rehabilitate the pelvic area.

Balance Matters

This ISSA certification course provides personal trainers with the education and skills needed to help their clients improve their balance via a balance training program.

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