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Anchor Point Training (APT)

Help clients discover the joy of anchored training.

Anchor Point Training (APT) provides a fun, yet effective workout option. Learn how to train using the APT method, opening the door to greater fitness through the use of anchored fitness devices.


What You’ll Learn From This Course:

If you’re interested in expanding your training options, Anchor Point Training is one option to consider.
Upon completion of the Anchor Point Training Certification course, you will:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of what Anchor Point Training (APT) is, including the methodologies associated with this exercise approach and the science behind it

  • Learn the benefits that APT can provide for your clients, such as helping older adults improve their physical function while also increasing muscle activation during a resistance training exercise

  • Know how to apply Anchor Point Training principles when working with clients of all fitness levels and using a variety of anchored fitness devices

  • Be able to explain how the location of the anchor can impact the movement’s effects—such as whether the anchor is overhead or closer to the floor—and the difference between using one anchor point or two

  • Have access to a training method that is both versatile (can be performed in almost any environment) and modifiable (can easily be made more or less intense)

  • Build the knowledge and skills needed to create a safe and effective workout program using anchor point devices, as well as creating progressive levels of challenge once the client is ready

How You Can Use It:

Anchor Point Training involves attaching a fitness device such as a resistance band, suspension straps, or battle ropes to some type of anchor, whether that be a wall, door, or any other stationary object. This provides clients with an effective resistance workout without the need for bulky weights or machines. It also adds a bit of variety to their exercise plan, which can help reduce their risk of boredom and keep them engaged and excited as they continue to work toward their fitness goals.

As a Certified Anchor Point Training Instructor, you know how to lead clients through a workout session using any anchored training device. You’ll also have the ability to create entire training programs around these devices, modifying a client’s plan as needed based on their desired results, movement dysfunctions, functional limitations, and more.

Obtaining your Anchor Point Training Certification establishes you as an expert or authority in this training methodology. This can help set you apart from other trainers who lack a certification of this type. It also shows clients that you’re willing to invest in the training needed to provide them with a structured workout session (and plan) that is both effective and compliant with basic safety protocol.

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Trainer and student reviewing training regimen

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