The ISSA Division Breakdown

ISSA Public Division

  • No restrictions—open to current students, current members, and the general public
Primary Function
  • Encourage enrollment in ISSA education programs
  • Provide information via articles and links on health and fitness
  • Enrollment pages for Fitness Certification Courses
  • Enrollment pages for Continuing Education Courses
  • Exercise Lab of 25 exercises cosponsored by HyperStrike
  • Blog
  • Job opening SUBMISSION pages (for gyms/corp fitness facilities/etc.)
  • Tools to assess career switch readiness

ISSA Education Division

  • Access restricted to students enrolled in ISSA education courses, and ISSA certified members in good standing
Primary Function
  • Teach
  • Provide specialized education in health and fitness
  • Online course material for certification courses, including course quizzes
  • Question Board
  • Audio tutorials
  • Audio pronunciation guides
  • Exercise videos
  • Online seminar video
  • Exercise lab of 600 audio, video exercises co-sponsored by HyperStrike
  • Toll free (800) 892-4772 phone support by in house professors

ISSA Professional Division

  • Exam access for ISSA students qualified to sit for final exam Full access for ISSA certified members in good standing
Primary Function
  • Administer final exams
  • Issue certification
  • Oversee maintenance of professional status (CEUs)
  • Online final exams
  • Downloadable final exam PDFs
  • Certified logos and forms
  • Renewal packet and application
  • Alumni Board
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Job Posting List
  • Merchant Account Options
  • Online Fitness Training cosponsored by HyperStrike
  • Fitness professional article archives
  • Alliance exclusive discounts/promotions (e.g. business cards, business opportunities
  • GI Bill Reimbursement Forms
  • Continuing Education (Re-Certification)
  • Job Resources
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Forms (PDF)
  • Online continuing education courses

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Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

This is something I am proud of, not only in my personal accomplishments, but in being able to help others do the same.

Larry Wassinger

I am really looking forward to helping people realize and reach their goals of becoming more healthy and physically fit, no matter their age.

Heidi Lyons

Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

I've stuck with them because I've seen they provide quality info and have a great community.

Austin Von Letkemann

I am so impressed by the level of professionalism and thoroughness that ISSA offers to trainees.

Megan Ganzagan

After now having received my certification through ISSA, I feel confident that I'm ready to start my business.

Sarah Turnley

With the knowledge, I've gained from the program. I feel confident to go into the work as a personal trainer now, and to start this phase in my life.

Jamil Karimov

ISSA has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional, and continues to offer me the tools I need to help others.

Jose Oscar Torres

The International Sports Sciences Association was easily the best choice I've ever made towards a career in helping change people's lives.

Sean Shimada

ISSA helped me earn the credentials necessary to ensure that I can give people like Eric Vanwagner all the tools they need to continue their journey back to normal function.

Christopher Mendoza

After completing this course I feel much more confident in myself as a trainer and overall more equipped than ever to take on clients and help them achieve their goals of being healthy.

Taylor Richards

With the textbooks, interactive essay questions and written assignments, along with the Course Guidebook, ISSA sets you up for success.

Kelly Collar

Did my research and found out that not only is ISSA a reputable certification, they also are willing to help you succeed after you get certified.

Joseph Alexander Harris

I could not have imagined a better experience and will be eternally grateful for ALL of the assistance that was given and the compassion shown.

Chermariea Jones

The resources ISSA provides (both in hard copy and online) such as the study guide, the coursebook, the chapter summary videos, the exercise videos, and the question board are all very valuable tools...

Helen Pardue

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