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    $172.08 $69.00/mo (12 months)

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    Study At Home

    Study At Home!

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    Certified At Home

    Certified At Home!

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    Train At Home

    Train At Home!

    You'll have a free website and support to get clients online.

    Job Guarantee

    Job Guarantee!

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    Flexible Payments!

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    Everyone is Approved!

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    What will you learn from ISSA's Personal Trainer Certification Course?

    You'll receive course materials that are built with the latest in exercise science and health and fitness research. We're regularly reviewing our resources to ensure our trainers receive the most up-to-date information in the industry.

    • Provide current or future clients with customized training programs based on their individual health and fitness goals. Go beyond "workout more" and "eat healthier" and give clients the true answer to their real needs.
    • Gain the in-depth knowledge it takes to understand the body's muscle and skeletal structure and how they respond to exercise and movements. By the time you're done with our exam, musculoskeletal and musculature will be a natural part of your vocabulary.
    • Learn how to assess a client's unique body structure and how it reacts to movement. Then, you can effectively communicate that to your client and provide personal direction so they can see real long-lasting results.
    • Learn how to instruct clients on the importance of a healthy lifestyle in addition to a regular workout program. Share real and detailed outcomes of how diet and exercise work together to transform people's lives.
    • Apply the principles of human motivation and learn how to make client fitness goals a reality!

    Accredited Exams

    As a bonus, we will include a FREE NCCPT accredited exam in every ISSA Personal Trainer Certification course purchase. The FREE NCCPT accredited exam will not appear in your cart but will be automatically added to your learning management system after purchase.

    Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.*

    To purchase the accredited exam separately, click here.

    * Only Applies to ISSA Exams

    What You'll Get With This Course

    Textbook Cover

    Online Study Materials

    Fitness - The Complete Guide is a 759 page book that includes everything you need to earn a Personal Trainer Certification. Our course material is regularly audited to ensure it includes the latest information in exercise science. We even provide audio lectures for convenient, on-the-go study options.

    View Table of Contents

    Preview the first chapter

    Meet the author, Dr. Frederick C. Hatfield, MSS, PhD

    Prepare for your final exam as you study! Take practice exams and chapter quizzes to ensure you're ready to pass the final exam and earn your personal trainer certification. These practice exams and quizzes will not affect your final score, they are just here to help you pass and earn your certification with flying colors!
    Are you more of an auditory or visual learner? We've got you covered. ISSA provides course lectures as audio and video files for students looking for additional study options, or are just simply looking for an extra resource to compliment their reading.
    Our handy online reference guide walks you through the certification course chapter-by-chapter, allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to pass the final exam. Online Exercise Demonstration Center Because our courses are completely online, we still want to provide you with the examples you need for real life hands-on training. That's why ISSA and Hyperstrike have created an exclusive online exercise demo center with over 250 animated exercises. Each demo includes a 3D animation with three different angles to ensure that proper form and technique are a breeze!

    Fast Track accelerated exam preparation
    Fast Track is like your 'answer key' to pass the exam. Study fast, get certified and start your new career.

    Pass Protection of unlimited free retests
    Take it 'til you make it. Unlimited retests and unlimited study help.

    Our exclusive online ISSA trainer forum is where you can turn to for advice from ISSA Master Trainers. Post personal, client, or business questions and receive guidance from our on-staff personal training experts and the worldwide ISSA community.
    The ISSA Personal Trainer Certification Exam solidifies you as a recognized expert in personal training. You can choose to take the CPT final exam as a printed pen and paper option, or digitally through our secure online portal. Whatever you're most comfortable with! This is an open-book book exam, with multiple choice questions, and essay portions. Plus, you'll receive one free retake if you don't pass the first time (but, with our study materials - you'll have everything you need to pass!).

    In helping you determine your future goals as a Certified Personal Trainer professional, ISSA and NCPT offers two options. Learn more about the ISSA exam
    *Proctoring fee not included
    ISSA's CPT Bootcamp provides you with the ultimate LIVE guide to studying, understanding, and passing your course. Over the course of 5 weeks, you'll receive direct access to ISSA's CPT geniuses, take part in live study tutorials that deep-dive into specific concepts of the course, and find out EXACTLY what you need to pass your final exam with flying colors - a $600 value that you'll get for FREE!
    The New Trainer Guide gives you insider tips and pro trainer hacks on everything you need to get started and how to be successful faster. It's the perfect next step after passing your exam and helps you find a job, get clients and make money. Hit the ground running with the New Trainer Guide!

    Plus BONUS Benefits After Your Certification Exam!

    Every ISSA Certified Personal Trainer gets a free website to support their career online. Get five pages of professionally designed, easily customized, and fully hosted content - for free! Pick from a library of templates that let you put your best face forward and promote your personal training services to a wider range of potential clients. To learn more about this benefit, click here.
    ISSA students, certified fitness trainers, and those just looking into a career as a certified personal trainer all receive unlimited support from our teams of dedicated advisers. Have questions about our courses? Study materials? Need help with a quiz? Or, are you looking for the best payment plan for you? Our on-staff experts can help guide you through whatever your needs may be. And, this support continues even after you earn your pass your personal trainer exam. They can even help if you're looking for information about recertification, continuing education, or if you have an interest in a specialized certification - we're here to assist you succeed in whatever health and fitness career you strive to achieve!

    Hear how ISSA has helped students like you

    Farah Najah

    Now I am a certified personal trainer. This will be my first step into the fitness world, and now, my knowledge is much greater.

    Farah Najah

    Scott Losche

    The ISSA gave me a great knowledge of fitness programming, movement screening and nutrition.

    Scott Losche

    Rian De La Torre

    I definitely recommend the ISSA on-line program to become a certified personal trainer, it's very complete and you get a lot of support along the way.

    Rian De La Torre

    Andrea De Persio

    I’ve been searching for the best training a company has to offer for years, ISSA really has it all.

    Andrea De Persio

    Yudishteer Seewooruttun

    The ISSA certified personal trainer program is the best experience of my life.

    Yudishteer Seewooruttun

    Heidi Lyons

    I am really looking forward to helping people realize and reach their goals of becoming more healthy and physically fit, no matter their age.

    Heidi Lyons

    Christina Walters

    The site is very easy to navigate, the content is very educational and flows smoothly, I receive help quickly when I have a question.

    Christina Walters

    John Heerschap Jr

    ISSA has given me the confidence I need to train people and train them right.

    John Heerschap Jr

    Pilar Roberts

    The education I received will put me above my competition and has provided me to the tools to helps other meet their personal fitness goals.

    Pilar Roberts

    Chelsea Mitchell

    Not only was the program extremely informative, but the final exam was challenging and really put what I had learned to test.

    Chelsea Mitchell

    Kam Hogan

    The business resources provided as part of the course material really help to set up your own personal training business with form templates and tips to help you hit the ground running and succeed!

    Kam Hogan

    Jamil Karimov

    With the knowledge, I've gained from the program. I feel confident to go into the work as a personal trainer now, and to start this phase in my life.

    Jamil Karimov


    You Will Find a Job as a Certified Personal Trainer or You'll Get Your Money Back

    Find a Job or Your Money Back

    We promise you'll find a job as a personal trainer or we'll give you a no-hassle, full refund. Here's all you need to do:



    You complete the course and earn your ISSA certification



    You interview for a job at three gyms in the USA within 6 months (requirements)



    You meet the gym's basic requirements (background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

    ISSA graduates often find jobs at partner gyms including:

    24 Hour Fitness Lifetime Fitness Equinox Snap Fitness

    * only available in the continental U.S.

    Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

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