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How It Works
  1. Enroll and start your journey to a fitness career today

  2. Get Instant Access To Your Live Learning Experience + online study material

  3. Every week, join your live, professor-led session or watch the recorded Live Learning Experience at your own convenience!

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  5. Track your course progress with online practice quizzes and check ins

  6. ACE your quiz! Pass the open-book and untimed certification exam!

Why LIVE Learning Experience?

Imagine having your own professor leading your personal training class with all your questions answered live! With the CPT LIVE Learning Experience you’ll get the opportunity to join 10 no-pressure, no-embarrassment online classroom environments where you’ll master personal training, pass your exam, and succeed in your career- guaranteed.

Can’t make a live session? No problem. Every week, our expert trainers will be re-teaching each module for ongoing live access. Plus, all 10 sessions will be recorded and available to watch on demand in your student portal so you can continue learning even after the live session.

Get the results that will last you and your future clients a lifetime.

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You'll Learn Exactly What You Need To Know
  1. How to motivate anyone to make their fitness goals a reality

  2. In-depth knowledge of the body's muscle and skeletal structure

  3. How to assess and build custom training programs

  4. How to help clients get stronger with less pain or injury

  5. How to pinpoint what exercise is most effective for each movement

  6. Details of how diet and exercise work together to transform people's lives

  7. The deeper answers to help go beyond "workout more" and "eat better"

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

  1. Be your own boss

  2. Set your own schedule

  3. Do work you are passionate about

  4. Make money in a positive way

  5. Create financial freedom

What You'll Get With This Course
  1. Online Study Materials

    Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer is new and improved, updated with new exercise descriptions, chapter quizzes and the latest information on nutrition, motivation and behavior change, and exercise science. It has everything you need to successfully earn your Personal Trainer Certification. The 715-page book even features a chapter on business and marketing to help you start and grow a profitable training business.

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Including all these tools to help you pass!
What Our Students Say About Us
We're honored to have outstanding reviews from our graduates who can attest to the power of our courses. Here are some of their inspiring stories:

Training Program Includes:

  1. Personal Training Certification

    The complete online program to get certified as a personal trainer. Learn everything you need to know to help others hit their fitness goals safely and effectively.

    LIVE Learning Experience

    Get live and on-demand sessions with someone who has been exactly where you are now. Learn from the experts and earn your CPT in record time!

    Dedicated Success Coach

    Your personal coach will help you study and pass your exam. Having a success coach is like having a mentor, tutor, and study partner all in one.

    LIMITED TIME: FREE Nutritionist Course

    Offer an additional service to existing clients. Learn all about food and food habits so you can make the smart recommendations your clients need.


  1. With the proven success of over 475,000 students, the first personal training certification - now in our 35th year is always up-to-date.

  2. Our students say it best as the most and the best reviewed with over 10,000 Five Star reviews you can trust.

  3. Your certification is recognized and respected worldwide with trainers in 174 countries and over 475,000 students.

  4. Your job or side hustle is guaranteed with our over 8,000 gym partners.

  5. You will succeed in learning and then passing your exam with unlimited study support and free retests.

Your Certification Creates Opportunities

Pursue your passion for fitness and help bring healthy living to every body - while gaining freedom and making money in a positive way. 

  • Get A Job As A Personal Trainer: Guaranteed
    If you want a job as a personal trainer - you’ve got one. With your certification, a job is guaranteed with one of our 8,000 U.S. gym partners. 

  • Get A Money-Making Side Hustle
    Trainers routinely make $100 an hour or more in small group personal training.  Personal training is the ultimate side hustle where you get to choose when and where you coach.  

  • Become An Influencer
    Make money by posting your workouts and fitness advice. With your ISSA certification, you’ll join some of the world’s top influencers with the credentials people trust.

  • Become An Online Personal Trainer
    Work from home!  You’ll have a free website with your certification to get started. You’ll also be able to build out your bio, attract clients, set up your space from anywhere in the world.

  • Own Your Own Gym
    Network with ISSA professionals to learn how to operate your own gym or work with ISSA’s partners including F45, Camp Gladiator, and more to own a franchise.

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Money Back Risk Free Job Promise*

You Will Find a Job as a Certified Personal Trainer
or You'll Get Your Money Back

100% job placement guaranteed. We guarantee you will be a working personal trainer within 6 months of certification. We will refund your course fee in full if you do not receive a job within 6 months of certification.

Step One

Pass your ISSA Personal Trainer Exam and your NCCPT Accredited Proctored Exam

Step Two

Interview with at least 3 gyms within 6 months of completing your certification course (requirements)

Step Three

Meet Basic Requirements of the gyms (background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

The NCCPT exam is included with the purchase of some ISSA CPT course packages. There is an administrative fee to sit for the exam.

*Only available in the continental U.S. Terms and conditions apply.

Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is required to get my personal training certificate?

    You must meet the following:

    • Submission of all course quizzes

    • A score of 70% for CPT, a score of 75% or better on all sections of the final examination

    • Proof of current Adult CPR/AED certificate

  2. Is there an extra cost to pay it off early?

    No. There are no penalties for paying it off early.

  3. Does ISSA offer the ability to take quizzes and exams online?

    Yes, Online testing, for both quizzes and final exams, is the preferred testing method. Online testing saves you the hassle of organizing and photocopying your answer sheets, saves you from a trip to the post office, saves you postage for registered mail, and keeps track of your submissions in your Member Account. What's more, online testing produces a much faster turn-around time for grading!

  4. Can I get a printed copy of the textbook?

    In addition to the free online version of the course textbooks, you can purchase printed copies of our most popular courses. Click here to look for your course and buy the book.

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