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Whether you are seeing clients part-time or full-time, with an ISSA Coaching Certification, you will stand out as a deeper expert in the area of fitness that you are most passionate about. At ISSA we offer career tracks such as Corrective Exercise, Bodybuilding, Group Fitness, as well as special population focus from youth fitness to senior fitness and everything in between. You can choose more than one specialization and reach even more people.

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Top 4 Reasons to Become an ISSA Certified Coach

  • Make more money by adding credentials that lead to higher hourly rates or open you up for a more senior position
  • Specialize in an area of fitness that drives your career or passion. Chose to become a Bodybuilding Coach, Corrective Exercise Coach or Senior Coach or any of our other specialized tracks and take your career to a whole new level.
  • Gain the knowledge and expertise to work with special populations and help them find further success with their unique goals
  • As an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer you can add the ISSA Specialized Coach title to help market yourself to prospective clients so they know they are getting your deeper expertise

What is an ISSA Certified Coach?

An ISSA Certified Coach has a deeper level of expertise than a personal trainer. A Coach specializes in a defined area of fitness and has the training and education to train specific modalities or targeted populations, or both. For example, an ISSA Certified Senior Coach will have a deeper level of expertise focused on how to coach a senior client to reach their goals given specific limitations or concerns associated with their stage of life. This combination of personal trainer certification and specialization is a powerful step in a trainers career progression.

How the ISSA Coach Certification Works

We want to support you as you take your career wherever you want to go. As an ISSA Certified Coach, you open up a world of possibilities.

  • 1

    Become a Certified Personal Trainer

    Study and become a Certified Personal Trainer by passing the ISSA Certified Personal Training Course as the core requirement.

  • 2

    Complete an ISSA Specialization Course

    Chose, study and pass one of our ISSA Specialization Courses (from this list) as a second requirement

  • 3

    Receive your ISSA Coaching Certification

    Once you have completed both certifications along with your CPR certification, you will receive the title of Certified Coach.

List Price
Save $600
1 payment
for 12 months
(interest free)

Available Specializations

In order to become an ISSA Certified Coach, the candidate must successfully receive their ISSA Personal Trainer and any ONE of the following specialization certifications. In addition, the candidate must have up-to-date CPR/First Aid Certification:

What You'll Learn While Becoming an ISSA Certified Coach

To become an ISSA Certified Coach you will need to successfully complete the ISSA Personal Training Certification and any one of our Specialization Certifications or the Nutrition Certification. Through this journey you will gather the skills to help your clients on a whole new level.

  • The science and practice of personal training
  • Specialized modality (e.g., Group Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Transformation) or targeted population fitness programming and support.
  • Fitness programming
  • How to properly assess, train, and motivate the general population
  • Gain a deeper and broader breadth of skills and knowledge to lead clients to a more successful outcome.

Hear how having the Coach Certification has helped students like you

ISSA provided me with essential tools and knowledge to transform my hobby into a desired business.

Oksana Boyko

This institution has been key in my development as a personal trainer and also instrumental in me being able to take my passion and turn it into a career.

Emmanuel Robinson

What I loved the most about the ISSA course was that the textbook was very interesting, the quizzes and final exam were thorough tricky, and challenging, and of course the time flexibility for me was priceless...

Roni Ghanem

I feel confident to go into the work force as a personal trainer now, and I'm excited to start this chapter in my life.

Natalie Specioso

ISSA taught me how to develop a nutrition and exercise program that I could sustain for the rest of my life.

Julie Piesciuk

My experience with ISSA was amazing. I was so impressed with the online self-study program and how it was organized. I was equally impressed with the staff support, knowledge and integrity!

Yvonne Roth

ISSA is an outstanding place to get your certification through.

Mandy Evans

Being apart of ISSA has brought me so many opportunities and will continue to do so.

Lauren Hoffmann

Having the backing of ISSA I feel confident that I am helping to change people's lives through fitness and I am very passionate about that! I am excited to meet new clients and help them start their fitness journeys.

Amy Manzanares

ISSA is number one in my book, and I would highly, highly suggest anyone interested in this career field GO WITH ISSA!

Aaron Barnes

ISSA was the best choice for my certification. It's self paced and has really good material to enhance you knowledge.

Nathan Breker

Now, I can confidently provide them with knowledgeable fitness information that I have gained from my own fitness journey, and my training provided by ISSA.

Jon Allen


You Will Find a Job as a Personal Trainer or You'll Get Your Money Back

We promise you'll find a job as a personal trainer or we'll give you a no-hassle, full refund. Here's all you need to do:


You complete the course and earn your ISSA certification


You apply for a job at three gyms in the USA within 60 days



You meet the gym's basic requirements

(background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

That's it. You'll get a job. And we can even help you find one. Partner gyms also post jobs for ISSA graduates on our Student Portal, including:

24 Hour Fitness Lifetime Fitness Urban Active Fitness Curves Bally Total Fitness Equinox Powerhouse Gym Snap Fitness

* only available in the continental US

Take your personal trainer career where you want it to go!

We offer the following options to level up your career as a personal trainer.


Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Learn More


Certified Coach


Elite Trainer (E-CPT) Learn More


Master Trainer (M-CPT) Learn More

All ISSA certifications can be transferred in for credits towards an Associates Degree from the ISSA College of Exercise Science

Turn your passion for health and fitness into a degree. We have designed all of our certifications to count towards credits in the ISSA College towards your Associates Degree in Exercise Science. Get certified today and check out the ISSA College to see if a degree is in your future.

Learn More About Our College

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1 payment
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