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Pro Tip: Buy Your Personal Trainer Cert on Black Friday

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DATE: 2023-11-15

Looking for the best Black Friday fitness deals? Become a personal trainer. Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is the perfect time to pursue this career. Here we share three reasons why. But first, let’s talk about the benefits of becoming a personal training professional.

Why Become a Personal Trainer?

If you have a passion for fitness, becoming a personal trainer gives you the opportunity to work in a field you love. Or maybe you would get great satisfaction out of helping a client reach their fitness goals. This is the type of enjoyment that personal training brings.

Becoming a fitness instructor also enables you to take an active role in reducing our country’s obesity epidemic. In the U.S., 41.9% of individuals are classified as obese. (1) Imagine doing your part to reduce this number by helping clients achieve effective and lasting weight loss. If you like the idea of working with kids, you may even help end childhood obesity.

It’s also possible that you want help on your own fitness journey. You may want to become a personal trainer to learn the skills and strategies needed to achieve your desired goals. You’d like to know the best techniques for building strength, for example. Or maybe you’re interested in learning how to safely kick your fitness level up a notch. You’ll gain all this information and more after completing a personal trainer certification course.

3 Reasons Black Friday Is the Best Time to Become a Personal Trainer

If you’re ready to start pursuing your personal training career, the good news is that Black Friday is approaching. Here are three reasons why you should add a personal training certification course to your Black Friday shopping list.

#1: You Can Save Money with Amazing Fitness Course Deals

What’s better than deciding to start working toward your career as a fitness professional? Doing so at a time when you can take advantage of a Black Friday sale.

The one thing that this shopping day is known for is getting the things you want at an incredibly reduced rate. In fact, the average savings on Black Friday is 24%. (2) That makes this a good time to find a great deal on fitness certification courses. It leaves more money in your bank account while taking a step toward a career that you’ll find enjoyable and satisfying.

#2: You Can Get Discounts on Other Things Needed for Your Fitness Business

In addition to finding good deals on the courses that can prepare you for a fitness career, you can also get gym equipment at a reduced cost on Black Friday. You can pick up the barbells and dumbbells you need to train clients at home. Or maybe you’ve had your eye on cardio equipment such as treadmills, an exercise bike, or a rowing machine for your home gym or business. You can pick up these items at a lower cost on Black Friday too.

Don’t forget to look for deals that extend beyond fitness equipment. Look at social media sites for deals on advertising. This can help you grow your business once you’re ready. If you plan to train clients online, check to see if the workout platform you’d like to use reduces its monthly or yearly cost on Black Friday. 

Once you’re certified, the deals don’t have to stop there. To keep your personal training certification active, you must earn continuing education credits regularly. These courses can sometimes be purchased at reduced rates on Black Friday. 

#3: You Can Obtain Your Certification Before the January Rush

One of the top fitness goals each January is to get in better shape. This means different things to different people. To some, getting in better shape involves losing weight. To others, it means building strength or improving sports performance

If you start your personal training certification with a Black Friday deal, you can complete the course before the January rush. You enter the fitness industry when it is the hottest. This makes it easier to get your first training clients. 

How to Find the Best Black Friday Deals on Fitness Courses & Equipment

How do you find the best fitness deals on Black Friday? Here are a few tips that can help:

  • Start shopping early for the best buy. Black Friday sales often start before the actual day. Some early Black Friday deals even begin toward the beginning of November, if not sooner. So, don’t wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start your shopping. Start looking several weeks beforehand to see if you can find a great fitness deal. If you find an upcoming deal but it hasn’t started yet, bookmark that page. This makes it easier to go back to it once the discount is in effect.

  • Do your homework. How much of a deal is the course or equipment you want? The only way to answer this question is to do some research. Look at what others are charging for the same thing. This will tell you how much you can save on Black Friday versus purchasing that same product or service at a different time of the year. 

  • Connect with fitness companies on social media. ISSA advertises Black Friday deals on its Facebook page. Connecting on social media makes it easier to stay on top of the best deals. It also helps you stay abreast of certification courses you may want to take in the future. Maybe after becoming a personal trainer, you want to learn more about effective strength training techniques to better help your clients. Becoming a certified strength and conditioning coach provides this ability. Or you might want to become a certified group exercise instructor, leading your clients in a full-body cardio workout.

  • Reach out to the fitness company directly. If you don’t see any deals on the company’s website or social media pages, reach out to it directly. Use the chat option or send a quick email. Ask if they’re offering any Black Friday discounts. Some also post this information in the “latest news” section of their website. So, you might want to check here too. Hot deals aren’t always advertised sitewide.

What to Look at Before Purchasing a Personal Training Course on Black Friday

When you see a good deal, it’s easy to make a purchase you later regret. To help keep this from happening to you, it helps to know what to look for before hitting the “Buy” button.

The first is that the certifying agency is reputable. The last thing you need is certification from a fitness agency that no one has ever heard of or that the gym where you want to work doesn’t accept. 

Also, look at its online reviews. What have others had to say about the fitness course or its provider? What did they like most and what did they find challenging? How many stars does the company have? Reviews are a great way to learn more about a fitness business before signing up.

Ways to Capitalize on Black Friday as a Current Personal Trainer

You can also capitalize on Black Friday if you’re already a personal trainer. (And if you’re not yet, keep these in mind for next year!) Here are a few options to consider:

  • Run deals for both current and potential clients. This could involve offering a reduced rate on your newest workout. Or you could do a buy-one-get-one (BOGO) deal, such as when one person signs up to work with you, you agree to train their friend for free. If you train in a gym, you may even get the facility to throw in a gym membership at a reduced cost.

  • Sell branded fitness gear at a discounted rate. Having branded gear is a great way to get your name out. Reduce the prices of these items to encourage people to buy them. You can brand clothing, water bottles, sweat towels, and more.

  • Give a free gift for signing up. Another Black Friday deal option is to give new clients a gift when they sign up. This is a great use for branded gear, using it as a promo item. Giving away something for their workout is another option, like a fitness tracker or massage guns. If you work with other fitness professionals, like a nutritionist, you may also gift a free session with them.

  • Make it a limited time deal. One reason Black Friday deals are so appealing is that they are only available for a short period of time. Make this clear in your promotion when marketing. Let people know that they must act now or the deal will pass them by.

  • Don’t forget Cyber Monday too. Create a separate deal or promotion for Cyber Monday. This helps increase your appeal to people who are looking for these discounts too.

If you’re ready to get started, ISSA offers Personal Trainer Certification. This certification course has a rating of 4.8 stars with more than 6,000 reviews. Even if you miss our Black Friday deal, we offer 6 and 12-month interest-free payment plan options!

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