Benefits of Circuit Training—Engage Clients, Earn More Money

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Benefits of Circuit Training - Engage Clients, Earn More Money

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Looking for a fun way to keep your clients engaged as well as help them reach their fitness goals? If you're not currently using circuit training with your clients, it might just be the answer you're looking for. Let's explore circuit training and the benefits it adds to your clients' workout regimens as well as your business.

What is Circuit Training and Why Should You Use It?

Circuit training consists of a variety of exercises completed back to back with little or no rest between exercises. Although they can have more, circuits typically include 5-10 exercises that alternate muscle groups. This type of workout can be a fun, effective, and efficient routine for many clients. Here are a few of the reasons why you may want to consider incorporating circuit training into your clients' workouts.

1. Circuit Training Allows Variety

Staying motivated is often one of the main challenges when trying to stick to an exercise routine. As a trainer, added variety to workouts is essential to not only challenge the body but it is also a key element in preventing boredom. Circuit training is anything but boring. There are many ways to mix things up.

Exercise Variety

The exercises in a circuit are typically called stations. Not only can you change the exercises at each station, but you can also adjust the order of the exercises and the tempo of the movement at each station. This allows you to customize the exercises to help meet the client's goals (strength, endurance, weight loss, etc.), create muscle confusion, and create a fun and challenging atmosphere.

Time Intervals Modification

Although the length of time spent at each station can vary quite a bit, the typical circuit station is 30 seconds to 3 minutes long. You can change up the circuit by changing these time intervals. For example, increase the 60-second time interval to 90 seconds to challenge your clients. Or, drop it down to 45 seconds to speed up the workout.

Repetition Modification

If the set-up is right, the time spent at each station can be determined by the number of reps that need to be completed. So, for example, a client may need to complete 15 push-ups before moving on to the next station. You can change this up by increasing or decreasing the number of reps. However, if you are doing circuits in a group setting, this can be a bit more challenging. Time intervals tend to help things run a bit smoother for a group because it prevents the overlap from clients moving at difference paces.


Equipment isn't needed for circuit training, but it is an excellent way to mix things up. Add weights or resistance to an exercise to challenge your clients. Or, take the resistance away and focus on a more explosive movement.

2. Circuit Training Is Flexible

Excuses for not exercising are minimized when you can do it anywhere, with or without equipment, and at any fitness level.

Flexible Locations

Circuit training can be done virtually anywhere. Although clients can participate in an organized group class or create their own circuit at the gym, this type of workout is also ideal for the home, the park, or a hotel room when traveling.

Solo or Group Training

Circuit training is an excellent solo workout. But it can also be an incredibly fun way to train more than one client at a time, create a supportive atmosphere, and even a little competition, with the right clients. In a group setting, clients can work out together while still allowing you the flexibility to change the exercises or pace to the needs of each client. Even better, group training allows you to maximize your time and earn more money!

With or Without Equipment

As mentioned earlier, equipment is not required for circuit training. A circuit with equipment may include dumbbells, jump ropes, kettlebells, etc. But an entire circuit can be built with bodyweight exercises (air squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, crunches, etc.).

Fitness Levels

Circuit training can cater to all levels of fitness. Your job, as a trainer, is to ensure that you have a good understanding of the abilities of each of your clients. Knowing this will help you modify exercises for clients when needed.

Time Efficient

The format of the workout allows you to target several muscles and combine it with a cardio workout. Reducing the rest period between sets and minimizing the need to hit the weight room and then cardio machines allows clients to complete an effective workout in a short period of time and move on with their day.

3. Circuit Training Can Be A Full Body Workout

Circuit training is an effective way to work the entire body. If it's done right, a client can engage all major muscle groups, improve muscular endurance, and their cardiovascular system.

Engage All Major Muscle Groups

Circuit exercises usually alternate between muscle groups. So, a circuit may start with squats, transition to push-ups, then crunches, then lunges, etc. The format allows certain muscle groups to rest while other muscles are working. And, is a great way to incorporate several different exercises into one workout session.

Improves Muscular Endurance

Muscular endurance is the muscle's ability to perform an exercise for an extended period of time. The length of the intervals typically set the stage for a client to work through fatigue and failure. Over time, this can help them improve muscular endurance.

Cardiovascular Workout

Minimal rest between exercises challenges the cardiovascular system. It keeps the heart rate elevated and burning calories throughout the workout. For an additional cardio boost, alternate cardio exercises with strength exercises. Jump rope, running in place, burpees, and jumping jacks are all great examples.

Circuit Training Benefits Clients and Trainers

Circuit training is a fun and efficient workout. There are many ways to modify a circuit which makes it a great workout with or without friends, with or without equipment, and right for all fitness levels. If it's done right, it can be an effective workout that targets the entire body and challenges the cardiovascular system in a short period of time. And, when used with groups, it is an effective way to earn more in less time.

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