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Follow Your Passion

How many times have you’ve heard someone say, “I can hardly wait. Just a few more years and I can retire!”

Who can blame them?

It's a time in life we all dream about. The time to start to travel abroad, take the RV around the country, spend more time enjoying life.

Unfortunately, preventable diseases, more often than not, get in the way.

Take a look at the boat and RV for sale section of your newspaper and you’ll see such headlines as ”used once” and “illness forces sale.”

Life long dreams of a happy, active retirement got crushed.

Our population is getting older, and we’re living longer, so why shouldn’t we be able to really enjoy life when we retire?  After all, it’s the quality of life in our later years that’s most important, not how long we can be kept alive.

If you are a personal trainer or thinking of becoming one, your future is very bright indeed!

Right now, there are so many rewarding opportunities for you to make a huge difference in the lives of our aging population. 

For decades, virtually every legitimate scientific or medical study has confirmed that weight training, aerobic conditioning, flexibility, proper nutrition, and a positive mental outlook are the key elements necessary for improving health, preventing disease, and improving the quality of life--at any age.

As a personal trainer, you've got a unique advantage because you work with those key elements every day, with virtually every client you help.

We know that weight training becomes especially important for those over 45 because the rate of muscle loss (Sarcopenia) due to years of inactivity can accelerate quickly as we age.   

Look around you next time you’re shopping and watch how difficult it is for some people to just lift their groceries or push their cart up an incline.

By helping older clients get strong and teaching them how to stay active and fit, simple things like lifting groceries or climbing stairs won't be an issue.

And the good news is that improved muscular strength can be achieved at any age.  

Here’s proof...

Dr. William Evans, who conducted the famous Tufts studies, proved that 90-year olds can add lean muscle mass at the same rate as a 45-year old!  

Few people know this.

Not only that, but adding lean muscle to an aging body, can increase metabolism, burn fat easier, reduce the risk of diabetes, and falls that lead to fractures.

You may have a friend or family member, or know someone who does, who thought they would start enjoying life, but because of their health, they're living a more sedentary life.

It doesn’t need to be that way.

You have the power to help them and others turn their lives and bodies around in a great way. 

You can make a huge difference.  

Unlike any other medical or allied health profession, you have the power, knowledge, and know-how to impact -- on a daily and weekly basis -- the quality of life of our older adults. 

It’s time for you to step up and work with our aging population to make a difference and think about becoming a personal trainer.

Together, we'll make a huge impact!

Click here for more information about ISSA's Senior Fitness Certification.  As an ISSA Certified and Educated Trainer, we can provide you with the knowledge, but it’s you who is in the trenches of your community changing lives every day. 


Dr. Sal Arria