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How it Works:
  1. ISSA's Wellness programs provide comprehensive courses with the education and training needed to address imperative health and wellness needs. Choose from any program to create the career that you can do anywhere and accomplish meaningful work. Shape your future with the knowledge you need to become an expert in health and wellness.

  2. Each program focuses on the three essential building blocks of health and wellness: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Health Coaching. Learn the skills needed to facilitate healthy long-term weight loss, the psychology of habit change, nutrition coaching, health trends, muscle recovery, stress release, plus much more. Then, take these skills to businesses to build company-wide health programs, create new services in gyms, or offer your expertise to other fitness professionals.

Get started in 5 easy steps:

  1. Identify your ideal wellness training program

  2.  Start your courses

  3. Study at your own pace

  4.  Get certified in each of your program’s courses

  5. Start your career in health and wellness!

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Health + Nutrition Coach

Nutrition and health is so much more than just what you eat and more of how we individually fuel our bodies. The ISSA Health + Nutrition Coach program is for those who want to improve their knowledge of nutrition for themselves and empower others to make lasting healthier choices. Create a new line of business with limitless opportunities that are on your terms.

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Wellness Coach

Improving health and wellness positively affects every aspect of wellbeing. As an ISSA Wellness Coach, you will address the whole person with an integrative approach to diet, physical performance, and lifestyle. Wellness coaches work as a guide toward a holistic healthy lifestyle, looking into their clients' nutrition patterns, physical fitness, spirituality, and mentality.

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Online Health + Lifestyle Coach

Foster strong relationships with your clients and support their goals – wherever they may be! As an ISSA Online + Lifestyle Coach, you will build a flexible lifestyle for yourself and others. Learn how to identify distinctive goals, build your online business, and expand your health and wellness expertise with limitless opportunities. The unique benefits of flexibility, self-paced, and online-focused training will make clients comfortable to start and STAY with you as their lifestyle guide!

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Each Wellness Program Includes:

  1. Education With A Purpose

    Designed to build a path for yourself, your career, and your coaching style. By embodying the three essential building blocks of health: Nutrition, Lifestyle, and Health Coaching, focus on preparing for rewarding and meaningful success in health and wellness.

    Confidence In Your Coaching

    With ISSA’s Wellness programs, you’ll be confident in your coaching and your career. You will be certified in four areas of health and wellness and be fully ready to practice what you love as a health and wellness professional.

    Life-Long Change

    Every health goal starts with Nutrition and finding what diet to stick with for optimal results. Expand your Nutrition knowledge to build health goals into your own practices, in your personal and professional life.

What you will learn:

When you enroll in an ISSA Wellness program, you’ll be among the best coaches in the health and wellness industry.

  1. Properly assess, train, and motivate any type of client.

  2. Create meaningful, holistic, and healthy lifestyle changes for others.

  3. Be the guide toward overall health.

  4. Build a flexible and profitable business for yourself.

Is Health and Wellness with ISSA the right path for you?

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