A Message From Our CEO

To The Fitness Community,

What does fitness mean to you? How about healthy living?

In the midst of a global health crisis, the world needs healthier living more than ever. Today, the world needs agents for change. And I want you to join us.

When I was 50 pounds heavier, my health was "at risk" and my doctor suggested taking medicine to lower my cholesterol. I said, "No thanks. I'll just lose some weight and get in shape." Well, my doctor laughed at me and said something like, "Yeah sure. Go ahead and try and come back in 3 months and we'll see about it. People don't really lose weight so you might as well get used to it..."

My motivation was secure. I went to see a personal trainer. Through hard work and the support of my amazing personal trainers, my health and fitness improved (and I got a new doctor who believed in both me and healthier living).

Along the way, I discovered how much healthier living truly improves lives, which helped make fitness and personal training my career. In the beginning, I joined NASM and became its President. But, I wanted to help make a bigger difference in the world and help even more people enjoy healthier living. That's why I joined ISSA.

ISSA is special because you have a team of people who care so deeply about you and your success that they will stop at nothing. We're always available to answer your questions. If you're studying and need help or if you're working with a client and have a question - we are there for you

My personal transformation came at the hands of fantastic personal trainers. People who saw in me the best I could be. People who helped me change my diet and change my life. Now, I want others to be that same kind of agent for change. An agent for positivity. I want you to be somebody who's going to help change the world for the better.

Transforming your life and the lives of others isn't easy. Nothing good ever comes easy. It takes work. It takes dedication on your part. But you do know that you can do it.

With ISSA you can!

To your health,

Andrew Wyant
International Sports Sciences Association

A Message From Our CEO About Equality

To our Family of Students and Members:

At ISSA, diversity, inclusion, equity, and individuality are central to our core values. We are committed to the work it takes for equality for everyone.

And when we say everyone - we mean it.

Someone at ISSA looks like you, lives like you, and loves like you. We support everyone in our family, our LGBTQ family, our people of color, and our global family - everywhere you live.

That's why we are part of the voices speaking out against systemic racism. We support and are allies of our students and employees of color and of the black community at large.

We are committed to identifying, co-creating, and implementing real, actionable solutions to dismantle and eradicate racism.

Here are some examples of the steps we are taking at ISSA:

  • Convening ongoing virtual gatherings to have authentic discussions about race, equity, diversity, individualism, etc.
  • Developing diversity and anti-racism education and standards for fitness professionals
  • Donation and donation-matching programs to support organizations promoting racial justice and equality for everyone
  • Representing the diversity of our students in our instructional materials and in advertising
  • Prioritizing and evaluating our hiring, recruiting, career progression practices, diversity initiatives and advocacy effort with a focus on mitigating bias and expanding diversity

While this is our start, it speaks to the immediacy of action needed to address a long history of oppressive systems and behaviors that have been barriers and obstacles to true equality.

We appreciate that there are times during the year that certain groups of people are purposefully celebrated. While today, June 30 may be the last day of Pride Month, here at ISSA, Pride is celebrated daily. Black lives are celebrated daily. You and your success are celebrated daily.

To Our Health and Unity,

Andrew Wyant
International Sports Sciences Association

A Message From Our CEO About COVID-19

To our ISSA friends and family:

We know this is an unsettling time, and we want you to know that we are with you and we are here for you.

Now is the time for all of us to come together. The world needs educated health and fitness professionals now more than ever. This COVID-19 crisis will pass in time and the world will need more strength, more flexibility, and more wellness.

While gyms may be temporarily closed, we are not. Our education advisors and student service teams are here and ready to help you with your studies.

Once gyms reopen, they'll be filled with people looking to get back in shape after missing their normal fitness routines. That's why we're improving our job guarantee to give you even more confidence in your career as a personal trainer. We guarantee that you will find a job within 6 months of passing your exam, or your entire program is FREE. Once you pass your exam, if you can't find a job on your own, we will place you in one or fully refund your course. Read more about our job guarantee here.

Finally, this is a difficult time for everyone, and we don't want finances to hold you back. If you have trouble making your monthly payment, we understand. Call us and we'll help you make this investment in yourself work in your budget. To speak to one of our student financial experts, please call: (800) 545-4772.

On behalf of the entire ISSA family, I want to thank you for putting your trust in us and allowing us to be a part of your professional journey. We're committed to working through these challenging circumstances with you together.

To your health,

Andrew Wyant
International Sports Sciences Association