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What You'll Get With This Course

  1. Online Study Materials

    Foundations and Applications for a Certified Personal Trainer is new and improved, updated with new exercise descriptions, chapter quizzes and the latest information on nutrition, motivation and behavior change, and exercise science. It has everything you need to successfully earn your Personal Trainer Certification, including a Fast Track Study Guide to help you study and pass your exam faster. The 715-page book even features a chapter on business and marketing to help you start and grow a profitable training business.

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  1. Online Practice Quizzes

    Prepare for your final exam as you study! Take chapter quizzes to ensure you're ready to pass the final exam and earn your Personal Trainer Certification. These practice quizzes will not affect your final score, they are just here to help you pass and earn your certification with flying colors!

  2. Audio and Video Lecture Options

    Are you more of an auditory or visual learner? We've got you covered. ISSA provides course lectures as audio and video files for students looking for additional study options, or are just simply looking for an extra resource to complement their reading.

  3. Online Workbook

    Our online workbook walks you through the certification course chapter by chapter, giving you the knowledge you need to pass the final exam. You'll also have access to numerous exercise videos to help you ensure proper form and technique.

  4. Online Student Forum

    Our exclusive online ISSA trainer forum is where you can turn to for advice from ISSA Master Trainers. Post personal, client, or business questions and receive guidance from our on-staff personal training experts and the worldwide ISSA community.

  5. ISSA Take Home Personal Trainer Certification Exam

    The ISSA Personal Trainer Certification Exam solidifies you as a recognized expert in personal training. You can take the certified personal trainer final exam with pen and paper, or securely online. This is an open-book exam, with multiple-choice questions and essay portions. Plus, you'll receive free retakes if you don't pass the first time (but, with our study materials - you'll have everything you need to pass!).

    In helping you determine your future goals as a Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA offers two options. Learn more about the ISSA exam. Learn more about the ISSA exam

  6. NCCPT accredited exam*

    We pair the NCCPT Certified Personal Trainer NCCA accredited exam with our course to ensure you have access to even more career opportunities.

    *Proctoring fee not included

  7. CPT Education Bootcamp

    ISSA's CPT Bootcamp provides you with the ultimate LIVE guide to studying, understanding, and passing your course. Over the course of 5 weeks, you'll receive direct access to ISSA's CPT geniuses, take part in live study tutorials that deep-dive into specific concepts of the course, and find out EXACTLY what you need to know to pass your final exam with flying colors - a $600 value that you'll get for FREE!

  8. Fast Track Program

    Fast Track is like your answer key to pass the exam. Study fast, get certified and start your new career.

  9. 5-in-5

    Get the tools and support you need to kickstart your business! The experts at SmartFitness and ISSA developed the 5-in-5 program to help you find 5 clients in just 5 weeks.

  10. Fitness Genius - Live Scheduled Help

    Everyone could use a little help. Schedule a convenient time to meet virtually with ISSA experts and get the individualized attention you deserve, and that you can't get anywhere else.

  11. Free Retest

    With all the knowledge you'll gain in our Certified Personal Training course, there's a nearly 100% chance you will pass the certification exam on your first try. However, in the rare instance that you don't, you'll get one retake for free!

  12. Practical Skills Assessment

    Record you prospective client training on video and get detailed feedback and coaching from our experts.

  13. Get a FREE Professional Website

    Every ISSA Certified Personal Trainer gets a free website to support their career online. Get five pages of professionally designed, easily customized, and fully hosted content - for free! Pick from a library of templates that let you put your best face forward and promote your personal training services to a wider range of potential clients. To learn more about this benefit, click here.

  14. Unlimited Support - Even After You're Certified!

    ISSA students, certified fitness trainers, and those just looking into a career as a certified personal trainer all receive unlimited support from our teams of dedicated advisers. Have questions about our courses? Study materials? Need help with a quiz? Or, are you looking for the best payment plan for you? Our on-staff experts can help guide you through whatever your needs may be. And, this support continues even after you earn your pass your personal trainer exam. They can even help if you're looking for information about recertification, continuing education, or if you have an interest in a specialized certification - we're here to assist you succeed in whatever health and fitness career you strive to achieve!

  15. Live Training Experience

    ISSA's Live Training Experience is like an externship for new personal trainers. It gives you the unique opportunity to practice your client training skills (and gain confidence) while working alongside a seasoned personal trainer. Learn More

Top Trainer
    • Personal Training Certification

      The complete online program to get certified as a personal trainer. Whether the goal is to lose weight, increase muscle, or improve overall health, you'll learn how to help others reach their fitness goals safely and effectively.

    • Dedicated Success Coach

      Your personal coach will help you study and pass your exam. Having a success coach is like having a mentor, tutor, and study partner all in one.

    • Fast Track Program to Passing

      Get certified on your schedule - in as little as 4 weeks. The sooner you earn your certification, the faster you can start training clients and earning income.

    • Free Retest

      With all the knowledge you'll gain in our Certified Personal Training course, there's a nearly 100% chance you will pass the certification exam on your first try. However, in the rare instance that you don't, you'll get one retake for free!

    • Get 5 Clients in 5 Weeks

      Kick start your career with expert support to get your first 5 clients. Learn how to get clients with our live weekly webinars and "office hour" meetings with mentors and peers, and receive unlimited phone, email, and chat support.

    • Video Coaching Feedback

      Record yourself training clients and receive feedback on your session. Our training experts will tell you where you excel, as well as provide a few tips for becoming an even better trainer.

    • Live Training Experience

      Train clients side by side with an experienced personal trainer. Learn their tricks of the trade, gain their insight, and start to develop your own training style.

Does ISSA offer NCCA accredited exams?
  1. Yes, we offer the most NCCA accredited exams in fitness! Our NCCPT exams are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). Our NCCPT exams provide you with every opportunity to get your foot in the door of anywhere you want to work. With these accredited exams, you’ll open more doors, and stand out as the trainer who has the best of both worlds.

    NCCPT exams are included in your cart with some course bundles.

    To purchase the accredited exam separately, click here.
    Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take an accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

What Our Students Say About Us
We're honored to have outstanding reviews from our graduates who can attest to the power of our courses. Here are some of their inspiring stories:
What You'll Learn From This Course

ISSA created a comprehensive Certified Personal Trainer course that blends science-based research with real-world application. Equipped with ISSA's Personal Training Certification, you can learn quickly, start training clients, and build a lifelong career as a successful personal trainer. Once you complete this course, you'll be able to:

  1. Confidently assess an individual's current fitness level and goals to customize an effective and results-driven exercise program specific to the client's needs.

  2. Understand the basic components of anatomy, human movement, proper exercise technique, and even basic safety and emergency procedures for fitness professionals.

  3. Educate clients on current diet trends, nutrition, and supplementation to make a huge impact on their health and transform their lives.

  4. Apply your knowledge of effective exercise program design, the principles of fitness, and how the body responds to exercise to engage clients and drive fitness results.

  5. Put your knowledge of the principles of human motivation and the psychology of behavior change to work to support your clients' goals and create long-lasting change!

  6. Build a well-run, connected fitness business with the email and marketing skills presented in the new Business and Marketing chapter.

Become One of the Top Trainers in the Industry

This program includes all the features and benefits of the Kickstarter as well as these bonus items.

Practical Skills Assessment
Record your prospective client training on video and get detailed feedback and coaching from our experts.

Live Training Experience
ISSA's Live Training Experience is like an externship for new personal trainers. It gives you the unique opportunity to practice your client training skills (and gain confidence) while working alongside a seasoned personal trainer. Learn More

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Top 5 Reasons to Become a Certified Personal Trainer

  1. Be your own boss

  2. Set your own schedule

  3. Do work you are passionate about

  4. Make money in a positive way

  5. Create financial freedom

Your Certification Creates Opportunities

Pursue your passion for fitness and help bring healthy living to every body - while gaining freedom and making money in a positive way. 

  • Get A Job As A Personal Trainer: Guaranteed
    If you want a job as a personal trainer - you’ve got one. With your certification, a job is guaranteed with one of our 8,000 U.S. gym partners. 

  • Get A Money-Making Side Hustle
    Trainers routinely make $100 an hour or more in small group personal training.  Personal training is the ultimate side hustle where you get to choose when and where you coach.  

  • Become An Influencer
    Make money by posting your workouts and fitness advice. With your ISSA certification, you’ll join some of the world’s top influencers with the credentials people trust.

  • Become An Online Personal Trainer
    Work from home!  You’ll have a free website with your certification to get started. You’ll also be able to build out your bio, attract clients, set up your space from anywhere in the world.

  • Own Your Own Gym
    Network with ISSA professionals to learn how to operate your own gym or work with ISSA’s partners including F45, Camp Gladiator, and more to own a franchise.

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Which Personal Training Certification Program is right for you?

Whether you are considering a full-time career or looking to supplement your current income doing what you love, our comprehensive at-home online course teaches you everything you need to become a successful Certified Personal Trainer.

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Dedicated Student Success Coachg-checkg-checky-check
4-Week Fast Track Programg-checkg-checky-check
Job Guaranteeg-checkg-checky-check
ISSA Community Membershipg-checkg-checky-check
Passing Protection w/Free Retestg-checkg-checky-check
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Get 5 Clients in 5 Weeksg-checky-check
In-Gym Training Experiencey-check
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Money Back Risk Free Job Promise*

You Will Find a Job as a Certified Personal Trainer
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100% job placement guaranteed. We guarantee you will be a working personal trainer within 6 months of certification. We will refund your course fee in full if you do not receive a job within 6 months of certification.

Step One

Pass your ISSA Personal Trainer Exam and your NCCPT Accredited Proctored Exam

Step Two

Interview with at least 3 gyms within 6 months of completing your certification course (requirements)

Step Three

Meet Basic Requirements of the gyms (background check, drug test, available to work in the USA)

The NCCPT exam is included with the purchase of some ISSA CPT course packages. There is an administrative fee to sit for the exam.

*Only available in the continental U.S. Terms and conditions apply.

Purchase of ISSA training materials is not an eligibility requirement to take the accredited exam nor does it imply a passing score.

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