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5-in-5 Program Get 5 clients in 5 weeks!

The experts at SmartFitness and ISSA developed the 5-in-5 program to help you find 5 clients in 5 weeks! Kickstart your career with the business and marketing support you need!

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The 5-in-5 program includes:


  • Weekly LIVE webinars: The 90-minute classes hosted by your 5-in-5 mentor will guide you through the steps to build your PT business. (Classes are also recorded if you're unable to attend live.)

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  • LIVE "Office Hour" support: Ask questions, discuss challenges, and learn from your 5-in-5 mentor and peers.

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  • Get unlimited support: Via phone, text, and email!

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  • Exclusive access to the 5-in-5 private Facebook group: Connect with and gain support from other trainers just like you!

You'll Learn How To...

5-in-5 teaches you everything you need to know to kick-start your business and earn paying clients.


  • Create Your Ideal Work Environment:

    Identify the best type of training business for you.

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  • Establish Your Brand:

    Define your mission, vision, brand identity, and marketing strategy.

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  • Build Your Operation Plan:

    Learn how to find and connect with new potential clients.

  • 4

  • Put Your Plan Into Action:

    Develop and refine your sales skills, work on overcoming objections, and create automated marketing campaigns to engage prospective clients with SmartFitness GROW.

  • 5

  • Cross the Finish Line:

    Explore how to sign-up new clients, keep current clients, and continue to grow your business.

Meet Your 5-in-5 Mentor:

Jen Heward

Jen is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer that has grown her personal brand to over 1 million social media followers. After becoming certified, Jen worked as a Personal Trainer and opened her own gym before moving her entire business online. Jen's booming online business now boasts thousands of subscribers and online training clients. Over the next 5 weeks, Jen will mentor you to help launch, grow, and scale your personal training business.

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Student Success Stories

Sandie Gipson | ISSA Nutritionist new

Sandie Gipson | ISSA Nutritionist

ISSA is the best move I've made in extending my career. ISSA made it so easy for me. The Success Coaches have ALL been patient, kind and helpful. I encourage anyone who is considering a career in health and fitness to pursue ISSA for their future education needs.

Maurice Smith | ISSA Master Trainer-new

Maurice Smith | ISSA Master Trainer

ISSA courses offer you the ability to be diverse. I have had the opportunity to work with youth, elderly, bodybuilders, and group sessions. I will continue my certifications with ISSA. The program works wonders and I am honored to be a part of their organization.

Lisa Cossette | ISSA Nutritionist new

Lisa Cossette | ISSA Nutritionist

ISSA is by far a fantastic company. From the variety of CEU’s, to the support, they make recertification very easy.

Ian Simon | ISSA Glute Specialist new

Ian Simon | ISSA Glute Specialist

ISSA’s certifications and continued education prepared me to not only become an elite trainer, but a smart business person in the health and fitness industry. If you’re looking to begin your fitness career or expand it, I couldn’t think of a better organization that prepares you.

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