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The Solve for Recruiting Personal Trainers

The Solve for Recruiting Personal Trainers

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DATE: 2024-04-09


Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out, finding, and hiring candidates for a specific position or job.

Recruiting. Gym operators see the word and cringe. Finding good trainers – who will stay – in today’s fitness market is challenging, time-consuming, and expensive.

As the world leader in online fitness and wellness education, ISSA is in a unique position to help solve this. 

With a robust database of trainers who are looking for opportunities in your area, ISSA’s one-of-kind Recruitment Solution flips the script on recruiting by bringing qualified candidates directly to you.

ISSA Makes It Easier to Recruit Personal Trainers

Gyms, studios, and franchises across the country are seeing big gains.

“Working with ISSA to recruit trainers and fitness leaders has been invaluable to me, in growing my team, and saving me time – time that I can use to focus on other areas of my business,” said Raphael Konforti: Senior Director of Fitness Business and Operations at 24 Hour Fitness. “The ISSA team has helped me to hire many qualified and passionate fitness professionals across multiple states, where traditional recruiting sources were not yielding results.”

Problems Solved: Tips for Recruiting Personal Trainers

Recruiting is challenging for several key reasons. ISSA has a deep understanding of the fitness industry and designed the Recruiting Solutions Program specifically to address these.

The Problem: A Talent Gap

The fitness industry is facing a rising demand for certified personal trainers who train within the four walls of the facility. Not long ago, the career trajectory for a new fitness professional was primarily employment at a gym but with the rise of digital options many trainers are opting to work outside of that environment, leaving gyms with a significant talent gap. 

The Solve: ISSA’s Robust Talent Pool

“We’re graduating thousands of students who opt-in to our Career Pathways program each month,” says Johnny August, Director of Education and Recruitment Solutions. “We work with these students to understand their career desires, and align them with owners and operators providing those opportunities.”

The Problem: Recruiting Costs You Time, Money, and Headaches

Many operators choose to post job openings on recruiting platforms in hopes of casting a wide net. This then involves waiting for responses, weeding through huge piles of resumes from unqualified candidates, and reaching out to candidates for interviews – a lot of unnecessary time and effort. 

The Solve: A Supply Chain of Curated Candidates at Your Fingertips

ISSA’s database consists of over 4,000 new candidates monthly. This supply chain of talent allows you to act fast, without the recruiting process weighing you down. 

The Problem: Hiring the Right People for Your Team is Tricky

Every facility is a little – or a lot – different, and staff must align well with the club’s culture and member base. Rockstar staff members have a huge impact on member retention. You need just the right type of certified personal trainer to keep members coming back.

The Solve: Certified Personal Trainer Candidates Matched to Your Needs

The ISSA team matches you with custom lists of qualified candidates based on your needs. Our trainers are highly qualified and ready to work. And screening them for a culture fit is much easier with a continual stream of highly compatible options.

Additionally, operators can forge relationships with ISSA members the minute they begin their certification process, giving ample time to influence your brand on potential hires. 

The Problem: Hiring Trainers Is Expensive – Especially When They Don’t Stick Around

Finding trainers through traditional recruiting methods such as job postings on online platforms, referrals, or recruitment agencies is costly. This hiring process often involves significant expenses including advertising costs, recruitment agency fees, and the time spent by staff in reviewing applications and conducting interviews. Traditional recruiting methods also often incur significant expenses due to high turnover rates among trainers, resulting in recurring hiring costs. 

The Solve: ISSA Serves Up Candidates at a Fraction of the Cost

ISSA serves every club, franchise, or studio with curated candidates that grow with your organization. Whether you have one facility and need a few new trainers or you have multiple clubs across the country and are looking for ongoing certified trainer candidates, we’ve got a program that is much more cost-effective for you to fill your staffing needs. Our solution also allows for cost savings by addressing retention issues and streamlining the hiring process, thereby reducing overall expenses associated with trainer turnover.

Proven Success with Qualified Personal Trainers

In three months, ISSA helped YouFit hire 20 new trainers to fill their gap in providing quality personal training services to their members. Crunch was also able to hire over 50 ISSA trainers in the last year with access to ISSA-certified candidates.

You can work with us to do the same. Reach out to our Partnerships Team here and we will walk you through our customized solutions.

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