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ISSA | From Heartbreak to Health: Tanya Fisher's Fitness Odyssey

From Heartbreak to Health: Tanya Fisher's Fitness Odyssey

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DATE: 2024-01-31

In the bustling world of fitness, where passion meets perseverance, Tanya Fisher stands as a testament to the transformative power of exercise, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of personal growth. In a recent interview, Tanya graciously shared her journey, from the random decision to join a gym in her twenties to the present day, where she not only empowers others but also envisions a future filled with holistic well-being.

The Beginning

Tanya's fitness odyssey commenced in her twenties, a period marked by newfound independence and the challenges of living away from family. Randomly stumbling upon a gym, she discovered a love for working out that would become the cornerstone of her life. This newfound passion propelled her to obtain a fitness instructor certificate, plunging her into the world of fitness classes at the peak of the aerobics craze in the 90s.

As life unfolded, Tanya's journey took unexpected turns. Certification as a personal trainer through the YMCA followed, but the demands of life before children led her to take a step back from her fitness pursuits. However, her passion never waned, and it resurged with newfound vigor after a challenging divorce, becoming her anchor in stormy seas.

Wellness In Her Forties

The resilience that defined Tanya's journey saw her recertifying in her early 40s, demonstrating her commitment to personal growth. Life's unpredictable nature struck again with another breakup, yet Tanya's resolve remained unshaken. Post-COVID, she embarked on a new chapter, recertifying with her current gym, marking the latest step in her ever-evolving fitness journey.

Yoga, a practice embraced in the last three years, became an integral part of Tanya's routine. Beyond its physical benefits, she highlighted its role in addressing mobility issues and fostering a profound mind-body connection. Tanya's evolution into a holistic fitness approach showcased her dedication to addressing both physical and mental well-being.

Fostering Fitness

Presently, Tanya is on a path to making fitness not only a passion but a full-time endeavor. Balancing her days between training at the gym and part-time work as a travel agent, she envisions a future where her love for fitness takes center stage. Tanya has a dream of one day owning a fitness studio that encompasses yoga, personal training, and even Reiki—an integration of physical and spiritual well-being.

As Tanya reflects on her certifications, the intensity of her dedication shines through. Completing ISSA's Certified Personal Trainer program in a mere four weeks highlighted not only her passion but her thirst for knowledge. Her commitment extended to a 300-hour yoga certification, obtained alongside her CPT, proving that age is no barrier to learning and growth.

Tanya's clientele, primarily women in their 40s and 50s, is a demographic she resonates with personally. Her approach, encompassing both group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training, showcased her versatility in catering to diverse needs. She is currently enrolled in the ISSA Nutritionist Certification to better understand the science so she can be best positioned to support the nutritional information often requested by her clients.

The Future

Looking ahead, Tanya envisioned a future where she could shape her own fitness narrative. While expressing contentment with her current position, she harbored aspirations of owning a fitness studio in the next decade, offering a unique blend of services that reflect her multifaceted expertise. In pursuit of her ongoing fitness education, Tanya hopes to take the ISSA Pilates Instructor course next.

Tanya's journey serves as a beacon for those navigating the tumultuous seas of life. From heartbreak to health, her story is a testament to the transformative power of fitness, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth. As she continues to inspire others, Tanya Fisher stands as a living embodiment of the adage: "You can't not live."

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