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Best Personal Trainer Hashtags in 2024 & Which Ones to Avoid (Updated!)

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DATE: 2024-02-01

You likely got into personal training because you want to help people reach their goals. Many trainers get great personal satisfaction when contributing positively to someone’s fitness journey. While helping others improve their health and fitness is a worthwhile pursuit, personal training is also a business.

Being a successful personal trainer means constantly building your fitness business. This involves growing your list of personal training clients. Social media is good for this purpose—especially when you use fitness hashtags.

Why Use Personal Trainer Hashtags?

Fitness hashtags are to social media marketing what keywords are to content marketing. They make it easier to be found by a person searching for your expertise or services.

Imagine that you want to find information about how to reduce your risk of heart disease, for example. You might do a search for health hashtags such as #hearthealth or #heartdisease. This shows you all the posts involving this topic.

In the fitness world, people may want to know what food and exercises help them achieve a certain goal. Maybe they want to know which exercises are good for building muscle. They can find this information by searching for posts with fitness hashtags such as #musclebuilding, #musclegain, or #musclegrowth.

If they’re interested in learning how to lose weight, they would use different fitness hashtags in their search. They might look for posts with #weightloss or #fatloss, for instance. They could also search for posts related specifically to #diet or a #healthylifestyle.

Including fitness hashtags such as those makes it easier for people to find your posts. And the more people who interact with you online, the greater your ability to become a fitness influencer.

A fitness influencer is someone with a huge number of social media followers. (It’s not uncommon for influencers to have millions of followers.) Having a large following may help establish you as an expert in your field. It gives you greater credibility in the personal training space.

Your followers also look to you for advice. If you recommend a specific personal training program, for instance, they are more likely to want to try it. This makes it easier to sell products and services that you provide or support.

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Best Fitness Hashtags for Fitness Professionals in 2023

Fitness hashtags can be used across a variety of social media platforms. Here we share some of the most popular hashtags in the health and fitness space. We also offer the best hashtags for three specific types of social media: Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

Best Fitness Hashtags, In General

Top-Hashtags shares some of the most popular fitness hashtags in 2023. Among them are the following:

  • #fitsporation

  • #fitnessmodel

  • #fit

  • #workout

  • #instafitness

  • #gymlife

  • #getfit

  • #fitnessaddict

  • #gym

  • #fitnessmotivation

Best Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is a good social media platform for the personal trainer. You can post before and after pics of your clients to get others interested in your services. You can also share images of you working out, which can keep your followers inspired to do the same.

Best-hashtags.com shares some of the most popular Instagram fitness hashtags today. In addition to the general fitness hashtags listed above, they include:

  • #fitness

  • #motivation

  • #bodybuilding

  • #training

  • #health

  • #lifestyle

  • #fitfam

  • #fitnessjourney

  • #gymmotivation

  • #personal trainer

  • #muscle

  • #exercise

  • #weightloss

  • #yoga

Best Fitness Hashtags for TikTok

TikTok is increasing in popularity. It’s also a great platform for trainers who like to post videos. If you wonder about some of the most popular fitness hashtags on TikTok, Tik Tok hashtags.com shares that they are:

  • #fitness

  • #gym

  • #workout

  • #fittok

  • #gymmotivation

  • #fitnessmotivation

  • #motivation

  • #bodybuilding

  • #training

  • #health

  • #fitfam

  • #lifestyle

  • #sport

  • #fitnesstips

  • #gymlife

Best Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is where hashtags originated. It’s also a platform still used by more than 300 people monthly.

What are the best fitness hashtags for Twitter? RiteTag shares that they include:

  • #exercise

  • #health

  • #fitness

  • #body

  • #weight

  • #workout

  • #yoga

  • #weightloss

  • #sleep

  • #energy

It should be noted that each of these is a trending hashtag. If you want to stay relevant over time, #energy and #water are better options.

Social Media Hashtags to Avoid

There are certain “rules” that come along with fitness hashtag use. For instance, did you know that there are banned hashtags? Use one of these hashtags and your content won’t appear in your followers’ feed. This means that you created it for nothing.

Kicksta shares that some of the fitness hashtags banned on Instagram include:

  • bikinibody

  • hardworkpaysoff

  • instasport

  • killingit

  • loseweight

  • pushups

  • swole

Avoid using these to continue to appear in your followers’ feeds.

How to Get the Most From Your Fitness Hashtags

Like any other form of marketing, you can take a few simple actions to get the most from your fitness hashtags. These tips can help:

  • Make hashtags a habit. Get in the habit of using fitness hashtags whenever you post on social media. Add a hashtag to each type of content posted. You can add fitness hashtags to written content, pictures, and videos. No form of content is off-limits as far as hashtags are concerned.

  • Post regularly. Daily hashtags increase the opportunity to be found. They also show that you are current in the fitness field. This makes you more appealing to some followers. They might want a personal trainer who will provide insight on the latest trends.

  • Use hashtags in several places. Fitness hashtags can also be used in several places within certain platforms. Take Instagram, for instance. You can use hashtags in your Instagram stories. You can also use them in Instagram captions.

  • Make sure the hashtag is relevant. You can’t just use any trending hashtag to grow your list of followers. If it isn’t relevant to the post, you’ll be seen as a spammer. This can negatively impact your social media efforts. If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, look at what the post is about. Then add a relevant hashtag for that content.

  • Think like a social media user. If you have a fitness Instagram account, think like an Instagram follower. What is a popular hashtag they might look up right now? What fitness topics are getting the most action?

With Fitness Hashtags, More Is Better

When hashtags first came out, it wasn’t uncommon for social media users to add just one to their posts. Now the consensus is that multiple hashtags are better.

Sprout Social suggests that the optimal number of hashtags for an Instagram caption is one to three tags. You can also add fitness hashtags to the first comment. This keeps the caption from “looking messy” while making the post easier to find by an Instagram follower.

If comment-based hashtags are part of your Instagram marketing plan, you can add up to 30 tags in the first comment. Again, these hashtags should be relevant to the post. And you don’t have to use all 30 every time.

Hootsuite adds that you can post up to 10 hashtags in an Instagram story. Try to include more and it won’t post. You can also use hashtags on your fitness Instagram account and hide them from view. This gives you greater visibility across the platform without making the post hashtag heavy.

To do this, hit the enter button at the bottom of the post, input a punctuation mark, and hit enter again. Do this at least three times, then add your hashtags. The reason for this is that Instagram only shows three lines of a caption. Placing your hashtags after this keeps them hidden from view unless users tap on the “…more” option.

Confused by Personal Trainer Hashtags?

Instagram stories, Instagram hashtag options, how to build a fitness business with hashtags. Some personal trainers find these topics as confusing as nuclear physics. Others might be interested in the latest hashtag research but are unsure where to look.

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