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Personal Training Tips for Couples, Plus the Pros and Cons

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For personal trainers, training couples can be challenging. Couple workouts must consider both partners’ fitness levels to create a training session that challenges everyone.

By creating friendly competition and incorporating a variety of physical activities, you can help both partners on their fitness journey. 

How to Determine Whether a Couple Should Work Out Together

While some couples exercise well together, other couples can strain their relationship by exercising together. You can advise couples on their training options.

How Should Personal Trainers Determine If a Couple Is a Good Fit to Train Together?

Whether you’re working with an unmarried couple or a married couple, start by assessing each partner’s fitness goals. If couples have different goals, it can be challenging to create a successful workout regimen. 

Also, assess each partner’s fitness level. Training partners with different fitness levels can be difficult. One person may feel an exercise is too difficult, while another person may feel the same exercise is too easy.

What Are Some Signs That a Couple Should Not Work Out Together?

Scheduling conflicts are one of the main reasons couples should not work out together. It can be hard finding a workout time that fits both partners’ schedules. Scheduling conflicts can prevent partners from consistently working out and reaching their fitness goals.

Also, observe the workout environment during your first training session with a couple. Monitor whether the physical activity is creating stress or motivation for the couple.

Some couple workouts create a power imbalance in the relationship. This is also a sign a couple should not work out together. If one partner is criticizing the other partner, then the couple is probably not fit to work out together.

How Do Personal Trainers Set Boundaries When Training Couples?

Be upfront with your clients. This can help you set boundaries when training couples.

Communicate to each partner that the goal of exercising together is to help each other reach their fitness goals. Explain that if exercising together becomes too competitive, then you’ll advise them to train separately.

Having these conversations early on can make expectations clear to both partners.

Benefits of Fitness Training as a Couple

Training as a couple has many pros. It can help partners encourage one another and achieve a common goal.

What Are the Health Benefits of Working Out with a Significant Other?

Working out as a couple helps both partners live an active and healthy lifestyle. Regular physical activity can help with weight loss and can promote heart health.

Exercising is not only important for your physical health but also your emotional health. Couples who exercise together can build motivation. Physical activity releases endorphins, reducing stress and promoting happiness.

How Can Working Out with a Partner Push a Client’s Fitness Goals?

Couples can reach their fitness goals by working out together. Exercising with a gym buddy can encourage your clients to push themselves.

It’s easier for clients to give up on themselves when working out alone. Experiencing an exercise routine with a workout partner can help your clients stay committed to the workout.

What Are Some Good Exercises for Couples?

Exercises that can be adapted to different fitness levels are good for couples.

  • Cycling: Cycling classes are a good cardio workout for couples because partners can adjust the resistance level to their preference. Couples can bike next to one another and encourage each other throughout the workout.
  • Circuit training: For couples with similar fitness goals, circuit training is a good option. Each partner can select a set of exercises. Couples can work through the circuit together or individually.
  • Suspension training: These exercises are great for couples because they can be adjusted for different fitness levels. Using suspension training, couples use their body weight to build strength and balance.

Challenges with Fitness Training a Couple

It can be overwhelming trying to develop a workout routine that pushes both partners. Working with challenging clients can also make training couples difficult. 

What Are the Challenges of Fitness Training Couples?

Managing how couples interact during a workout routine is often one of the main challenges. Some couples may joke around and not take the exercises seriously. Other couples may become too competitive around one another.

It can be difficult to guide the conversation and atmosphere. However, you can create a positive workout environment by keeping the competition friendly and the conversations focused.

How Difficult Is It to Adapt Your Training Programs to Couples?

Most training programs can be adapted to couples. The key to training couples is to create workout challenges that fit both of their fitness levels.

Adapt your programs by including exercises that offer more flexibility. Some exercise programs that are easy to adjust include yoga, high-intensity interval training, and boxing.

How Can Training as a Couple Hurt Your Clients’ Fitness Performance?

If partners have different fitness levels, they may hold one another back. This can prevent couples from achieving their fitness goals.

Some partners perform better individually, so training as a couple can limit their fitness performance.

Tips to Train a Couple So They Can Achieve Their Goals

Whether you’re a new personal trainer or an experienced fitness instructor, following these tips can help you better train couples.

How Do You Help Couples with Different Levels of Fitness?

You can help couples with different levels of fitness by curating the fitness program to both their needs. Couples do not have to complete the entire workout together.

Instead, you can assign different exercises for each partner based on their fitness level. Partners can encourage one another as they each complete an exercise that fits their level of physical activity.

How Do You Help Couples Who Have Different Health and Fitness Goals?

Ask each partner to define their health and fitness goals during their first training session. Goal setting is a simple way to outline a potential workout routine.

If their goals don’t align, discuss strategies they can use to encourage each other to achieve their individual goals. Then have partners determine a common goal they can work toward together.

How Do You Create a Workout Routine for Couples?

The you-go, I-go setup is a great way to structure workout routines for couples. Have one partner complete an exercise while the other person spots. They can then rotate until they both complete all exercises.

This is a simple way for couples to individually complete an exercise with their partner there for motivation.

Overall Takeaways

Training couples can be a great way to help partners achieve their fitness goals.

Having a personal training certification can help you better train couples. In ISSA’s personal training certification you’ll learn exercise science, program design, and how to help clients set and achieve they fitness goals. Get started today!


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