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7 Noteworthy Benefits of Becoming a Yoga Instructor

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Fitness instructors can specialize in a variety of areas. Yoga is definitely one to consider. Why? Because there are several noteworthy benefits of becoming a yoga instructor. Here are seven that may just propel you toward this career.

#1: You Earn an Income Doing What You Love

Do you have a passion for yoga? Does your day feel incomplete if it doesn’t involve this practice? If you answered yes to these questions, becoming an instructor enables you to make money while also doing what you love.

Indeed reports that the average yoga instructor salary in the U.S. is roughly $30.20 per hour. This amount can vary based on a variety of factors. Location is important, with instructors in New York earning more than Baltimore instructors, for instance, at $39.67 per hour versus $34.25 per hour respectively.

Whether you have your yoga certification can impact your pay as well. Some companies offer higher wages if you have yoga teacher certification or are a registered yoga teacher. This tells employers that you’ve met a minimum level of qualifications and training. It also shows that are serious about working as an instructor.

#2: You Provide Clients Access to All of Yoga’s Benefits

Think of how fulfilling it will be to help your clients obtain all of the benefits that yoga has to offer. One such benefit is incrkeasing upper body strength. Yoga is also good for those with joint pain. Additional benefits of yoga include:

  • lower levels of stress
  • increased flexibility
  • greater range of motion
  • stronger immunity
  • improved blood circulation
  • better digestive function

Obtaining yoga instructor certification puts you in a position to expose clients to all of these benefits. It enables you to provide them a better quality of life, both physically and mentally.

#3: You Strengthen Your Own Yoga Practice

Even if your goal in becoming a yoga teacher is to help others, there is no denying that regularly instructing classes will also benefit you personally. The more you teach yoga philosophy, the deeper it is embedded in your life. The more you practice, the stronger the connection between your body, spirit, and mind.

Teaching is a great way to stay active as a yoga practitioner. Plus, you might learn a thing or two from those you teach. It isn’t uncommon for the instructor to sometimes become the student.

#4: You Can Specialize in the Yoga Style You Enjoy Most

There are many different styles of yoga. On one end of the spectrum, you have restorative yoga. This type of class typically involves only four to five yoga postures, staying in each one for an extended amount of time. Then there is vinyasa yoga, which is more strenuous and intense.

As a yoga teacher, you get to decide what style of yoga you teach. You have control over the type of training you provide. Keep this in mind when applying to a yoga studio. Check out the styles they offer to see if you’re a match. Conversely, if they don’t have the style you enjoy teaching, promote yourself as the instructor who can help them grow their business.

On a side note: most modern yoga classes fall in the hatha yoga category. Ha refers to the sun and tha refers to the moon, signifying how yoga provides greater balance. 

#5: You Get to Work with Populations Near and Dear to Your Heart

Does the idea of teaching kids yoga make you smile? You can use your yoga instructor training to lead a children’s yoga class. Less interested in becoming a kids yoga teacher, but like the idea of working with seniors? You can do that too.

You can use your yoga teacher training to work with any type of client that is near and dear to your heart. Maybe yoga helped you heal from a car accident. You could specialize in yoga therapy and do the same for others.

Anyone can practice yoga. All you have to do is decide who you want to help most. Working with them continues to provide purpose, leading to a rewarding career as a yoga teacher.

#6: You Can Offer Yoga Training In-Person or Online

Traditionally, yoga has been an in-person practice. Students had to go to a yoga studio for a class or instruction. Now that we have video capabilities via the internet, you can also provide training online. 

Online yoga coaching is a good way to grow your fitness business. It opens you up to clients outside your geographic region. You can either pre-tape your class or work with clients live. You also have the option of providing private yoga sessions or instructing a whole group.

#7: You Can Become a Yoga Teacher in Relatively Little Time (and Online)

No list of benefits would be complete without mentioning the fact that you complete a yoga teacher training course fairly quickly. This is especially true if you choose online yoga teacher training. You can complete your reading and assignments at any time of the day. This enables you to progress through the course as fast as you wish.

When choosing a yoga teacher training program, look at what the course covers. For instance, the ISSA’s Yoga Instructor certification course teaches you about yoga philosophy and theory. You also learn how to break down each yoga pose (asana) and modify it for a student’s individual needs. Other topics covered include:

  • body structure and function
  • how to teach breath awareness
  • yoga room setup
  • effective cueing techniques
  • marketing tips for your practice
  • sample liability waivers and intake forms

Once you successfully complete the ISSA’s training course, you are a certified yoga instructor. This prepares you to work at a yoga studio or to start your own business as a yoga teacher.

How to Know If You’re Ready to Enjoy These Benefits of Becoming a Yoga Instructor

Though these seven benefits are great, becoming a yoga instructor isn’t the right move for everyone. If you’re still on the fence and unsure if this is the best career for you, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • How much do I enjoy yoga? If you eat, breathe, and sleep yoga, teaching this practice will likely feel more like fun than a job. You don’t necessarily need this level of commitment though. You can always teach a yoga class on the side, spending a majority of your time training clients using different methods.  
  • Do I agree with the yoga philosophy? If you understand the value of being present while constantly pursuing self-discovery, teaching yoga is a great way to reinforce both. It combines your personal and professional worlds in a way where they are aligned. One works off the other and vice versa.
  • What is my ultimate career goal? Are you looking for a way to enhance your personal training programs? Do you see yourself spending the next few decades teaching yoga students in front of a class? Maybe you want to run your own yoga studio. Becoming a yoga instructor helps you achieve these types of goals. 

Carefully review your answers. This will tell you whether you should look for a teacher training course that specializes in yoga. It might also tell you that some other form of fitness would be better for you.

If you are ready to enroll in a teacher training program, the ISSA offers Yoga Instructor certification. In this course, you will learn all about the yoga practice and how to break it down for individual students. It also comes with a free professional website and unlimited educational support!


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