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Choosing the Best Fitness Equipment for Travel

Best Fitness Equipment for Travel

Whether travel is for fun or for work, it can easily mess up your workout routine or your client’s. But only if you let it. If you or your clients have fitness or body goals to meet, traveling doesn’t have to ruin them.

You may be able to count on a hotel gym, but if you can’t or if you don’t know what the gym will have to offer, bring your own equipment. There are plenty of ways to get in a workout on the go and a variety of portable, packable equipment you’ll need to do it.

Yes, You Need to Keep up with Workouts on the Go

Sure, you may want to lighten up on workouts or allow a few extra treats when on vacation, but you should still stick to a routine. This will ensure you still meet your goals. This is especially true if you have a client who travels a lot for work.

Exercising gets easier as you make it a regular habit. Break up that routine too much and it’s more difficult to do. Plus, working out reduces stress, and traveling can be very stressful at times.

What to Look for in Good Traveling Equipment

The fitness industry has come up with many options for fitness equipment for travel. That means you have choices, which is good, but it can also seem a little overwhelming. Here are some factors to consider for choosing the right travel equipment for your next trip.

Your Workout Equipment Should Meet Your Needs

Don’t grab something for working out because it looks cool or because it’s cheap. A jump rope is great in many ways: it’s small, packable, lightweight, and can be used in your hotel room. But some important questions to ask include:

Do I ever use a jump rope?”

“What are my current fitness goals?”

If your answers are no, and building strength, a jump rope is probably not your best choice. Consider your current goals and your ability and skill level, and then choose an appropriate type of fitness gear.

Check out this ISSA blog post on goal-setting to learn more about crafting goals that make sense and that you’ll actually achieve.

Will You Actually Use it?

If you’ve never used a jump rope before, or you don’t like to use one, and your main goals right now are strength-related, you probably won’t use that rope you’ve packed. If you bring some type of equipment you’re not actually going to use, you are only wasting valuable luggage space.

Fitness Equipment for Travel Should Pack Easily

Once you’ve narrowed your options to the equipment you will use and that will help you work on your specific goals, pick something that packs well. Your favorite yoga mat and your balance ball probably won’t fit in your carry-on unless you’re not packing anything else. The best fitness equipment for travel is small and compact.

Can You Really Carry Weights?

A couple of barbells or kettlebells might fit easily into your luggage, but can you or are you willing to carry that heavy bag? Imagine trying to lift it up into the overhead compartment. Or, if you’re checking luggage, consider how much extra money it will cost to have such a heavy bag. There are other ways to work on strength training on the go, so leave the weights behind.

Ideas for Fitness Equipment for Travel

There are so many choices for equipment and workout types on the go. It may seem a little overwhelming if you just do an internet search on it, but we can help you sort through it all. Here are some ideas to get you started on your search for the perfect travel workout equipment. You may need more than one item or equipment set, depending on your current goals and needs.

Resistance Bands

This is the ultimate, easy-to-pack workout gear. Resistance bands pack smaller than your underwear and socks. A complete set of bands should include at least four different resistance levels, so you can work out all muscle groups and do strength training right in your hotel room. Download a few simple band workouts to use and you can change it up each day.

Dry Bell/Portable Kettlebell

Another way to do strength training right in the hotel room is with dry bags. These go by different names, depending on the brand: dry bell, portable kettlebell, dry bag. They are empty bags that you can fill with water in your hotel bathtub. Each bag is sized to be a certain weight when full of water and seals to prevent leaks and spills. The bags pack small and light.

Bathing Suit, Cap, and Goggles

If cardio is an important part of your fitness goals, consider using the hotel pool for your workouts. Swimming laps is a great cardio workout and also gives you some resistance strength training. The equipment you need to bring is small and easy to pack. With just a suit, cap, and goggles you can easily get in a tough cardio pool workout. Of course, this means you have to be able to swim.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is the classic, old-school cardio workout, and people still use it because it works. A jump rope is easy to pack, and it provides an activity you can do in your room or outdoors. You can find ropes with weighted handles too. This takes the workout up a notch and adds some light strength training to your arms.

Running Shoes

A great way to explore a new place and get your cardio in is to go for a run. Pack a pair of shoes you can also use for casual events or walking to save space. Or, to really save room in your luggage and be comfy on your flight, wear your running shoes.

TRX System

Another option for working out in your hotel room is to bring a total gym system. The TRX suspension training system is one example. It comes with a few pieces, but all are small and lightweight and you can easily pack them in a carry-on bag. All you need to set it up in your hotel room is a door.

What makes this kind of gym-in-a-bag so useful for traveling workouts is that you can do about 50 different exercises with this simple equipment. Workouts can include stretching, cardio, and strength training for all muscle groups. And the workouts can be scaled up or down from beginner to advanced.

Travel Yoga Mat

A full yoga mat may not fit in your luggage, and certainly, it won’t fit in your carry-on case. But you should be able to find space for a travel mat. These are specially designed to fold up small, to be lightweight, and to fit in a carry-on. Now you can do your favorite yoga routines in your hotel room, or outside at sunrise.

Your Favorite Fitness Apps and Virtual Trainers

To help you stay on track when traveling, don’t forget to use your fitness apps, tracker, and even a virtual trainer. Apps for recording fitness minutes, calories in and out, and nutrition will help you stick to targets while traveling. Apps that provide workouts are useful for doing in-room routines. And, if you work with a trainer, stay in touch virtually while you’re away for guidance and accountability.

Don’t forget your training clothes while packing fitness equipment. This ISSA blog post helps you sort out the choice between synthetics and cotton.

Fitness equipment for traveling will help you stay on target with your goals. There’s no need to let travel become an excuse for not getting in a workout. Pack some lightweight, small equipment and the right gear and you’ll be set to workout no matter where you go.

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Resistance Band Workout Handout

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