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How to Get Hired as an Online Personal Trainer

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DATE: 2020-06-25

When people consider hiring a personal trainer, many believe that the only way to do it is to join a gym. Yet, the internet has made online personal training another option. Clients who want to lose weight, gain muscle, or simply improve their level of fitness can do so online. If this type of model is of interest, what can you do to increase your appeal to potential online personal training clients?

Set Up a Website with These Keywords

Since your business is partially or fully online, it's important for prospective clients to be able to find you. Including search words (keywords) they'd likely use on your website increases the likelihood that you'll show up in their results.

For individuals searching for an online coach, think about the phrases they would use. This might include "online health coach," "online fitness trainer," or "online athletic trainer." Include these on your website so search engines can identify your business as offering these services.

Also include other fitness keywords to help search engines better make this connection. Some of the top fitness keywords, or the words searched most often, include:

  • Gym

  • Bodybuilding

  • Gyms near me

  • Exercise

  • Treadmill

Seek to Understand People Who Would Benefit Most from An Online Trainer

Online training isn't right for everyone. Some people need that face-to-face interaction with a personal trainer to keep them motivated with their workout plan. Others would gain more benefit from an online trainer. Understanding who falls into this latter category helps you also know how to reach them with your marketing efforts.

Who could benefit most from hiring an online trainer?

  • Someone who doesn't feel comfortable in a gym environment

  • Someone who lives in a rural area with no access to a nearby gym

  • Someone who travels a lot and can't always meet with a personal trainer in person

  • Someone with small kids who doesn't have access to affordable childcare

  • Someone who acts as a caretaker and needs to exercise at home

  • Someone who works from home and wants to work out on their lunch hour without having to get in a car and drive somewhere

Tailor your website content to speak directly to these individuals. Let them know you're the online personal trainer for them.

Reinforce the Benefits of Hiring an Online Personal Trainer

In your online content, reinforce the benefits you provide as an online fitness coach. For instance, talk about how online workouts means no commute. No fighting traffic trying to get to and from the gym before or after work. This is time that can be spent elsewhere, which means more time with family and friends.

Talk about how an online personal trainer offers accountability and convenience. Because your services as a fitness instructor are over the internet, there is flexibility. Workouts can be scheduled at a time that fits in their calendar best.

Another benefit of hiring a personal trainer online is that it teaches them how to get fit at home. It provides the tools needed to achieve their fitness goals between training sessions. It also helps at other periods of time when they don't have direct access to your coaching.

Identify What Sets You Apart from Other Fitness Industry Trainers

There are roughly 325,500 personal trainers in the United States. Why should the person consider you as their prospective trainer?

To get hired as an online personal trainer, you must be able to say how you're different from your competitors. You also have to share why you're better. Do you have a specific style of personal training that provides more benefits? Have you earned awards or received recognition for your fitness instructing?

What sets you apart is called your unique selling proposition, or USP. This should be things that you provide as a personal fitness trainer that clients can't necessarily get from every other trainer out there.

If you have a niche, let your prospective clients know. Maybe you have a lot of experience with strength training for seniors. Or you've worked with a number of athletes in a certain sport. Highlight this expertise so others in that same demographic know you understand them. That you know how to help them reach their fitness goals.

Emphasize Your Personal Training Certification, If You Have One

Technically, you do not have to be a certified personal trainer to be an online coach. That said, there is value to obtaining your certification.

When you can say that you're certified, it tells prospective clients that you have a certain level of knowledge. That you've been educated in areas relating to fitness, exercise, and training clients. This says that you know how to create an effective workout program. A program that will help them achieve weight loss or reach their other fitness goals.

If you're offering online training on behalf of a gym, health club, or another company offering online fitness programs, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that having your certification may be necessary to provide this service.

Offer a Variety of Personal Training Services

The more services you offer as a personal trainer, the wider your pool of potential clients. The wider your pool of potential clients, the greater your likelihood of being hired. What services could you provide as a fitness professional?

  • Individual online personal training. Some clients prefer a one-on-one training session. This provides them a workout designed specifically for them. Individual personal training is also good for people who may need a little more guidance or training. This would include beginners who are new to the fitness world.

  • Group fitness options. Others are more interested in online exercise classes. This is good for you as an athletic trainer because you get to help more clients at a time. You could offer a kickboxing boot camp, group dance class, or some other type of workout.

  • Ad hoc services. You can also add to your personal training services by letting clients choose add-ons to their training program. For instance, if you have your certification in nutrition, you can offer nutrition coaching in addition to being an exercise coach. This is beneficial for clients who struggle with their fitness in multiple areas. It also provides for a more comprehensive program.

Show Results You've Provided Past or Current Clients

Before and after pictures can help potential clients physically see the results you're able to provide as a coach. This makes it easier for them to imagine you as part of their fitness journey, providing the same results for them.

Using photos of past or current clients requires that you obtain permission first. You can either have a local attorney draw one up for your personal training business or download a photo release form from the internet.

This form should say that you can use their images for commercial use. This enables you to use them in all your marketing and advertising content.

How to Get Hired as an Online Personal Trainer When You're First Starting Out

What do you do if you are a new personal trainer and don't have any compelling results to share with potential online coaching clients?

One option is to get experience before starting your online personal training business. Work for another company in the personal training industry to learn the ins and outs of effective coaching.

From there, you may want to jump to a hybrid personal training model. This involves providing both in-person and online personal training sessions. The benefit of this approach is that it gives you time to figure out how you want to structure your online fitness business.

If you want to jump right into online personal training without taking these steps, just be honest with prospective clients. Let them know that, while you may not have been a personal trainer very long, you're committed to helping them reach their fitness goals.

And if you don't already have your personal training certification, getting it can give you a bit more credibility. The ISSA offers a Certified Personal Trainer program. This course is a self-guided program, enabling you to get your certification by studying at your own pace. Getting certified through the ISSA also provides continual support in helping you reach your personal training business goals.

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