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How To Make More Money As An Online Personal Trainer

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With a rise in the use of technology, online personal training has become a popular form of coaching. Personal training in a health club is not the only option for a client to pursue anymore. 

Being a trainer in a gym setting has made it difficult for traditional gym trainers to grow their fitness business. Because this is only one of many ways to provide a personal training service.

Trainers around the world are taking advantage of being an online coach. Social media has greatly influenced the fitness industry. And online coaching has pushed existing clients to switch over to a more convenient form of personal training.

Let's take a closer look at all the different services an online personal trainer can deliver. 

If you’ve been considering a career as a certified personal fitness trainer, check out the ISSA Certified Personal Trainer certification program. This course teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to get started as a personal trainer. 

What Is So Great About Online Personal Training?

A personal training career is very time consuming. It involves working early mornings and late evenings at the gym. And there are only so many working hours in a day, meaning you can only service so many clients each day. This is the standard personal training schedule when you work in a fitness studio and service personal training clients.

Online coaching, however, gives fitness professionals the ability to work from wherever they would like. An online personal training business may include nutrition coaching and meal plans. Being an online trainer also gives you the ability to make extra income and potentially start a small business.

Instead of meeting clients in the gym, you can use a fitness app that helps provide clients with training plans. This is a great accountability tool and makes it more convenient for a client to complete a workout. It may also be more cost effective.

Even though you might charge less for online training it allows you to increase the volume of your training clientele. The more clients you can take on, the more you can increase your personal training revenue. 

Online personal training business allows you to make room for training a new client. Prior to becoming an online personal trainer make sure you earn a personal training certification. 

How Much Money Can You Make Online Personal Training?

According to a number of professionals currently working in the fitness field, the average cost of hiring a personal trainer varies from $30 to $125 per hour (or more). 

Setting your rates can be difficult as a fitness professional since there is such a large range, especially when comparing in-person training to online training. But there are a few factors that, once considered, will give you a better idea of what amount is perfect for you. Learn more with this ISSA blog post: How Much Should I Charge For Online Personal Training

How Can Online Trainers Make More Money?

There is a lot more you can offer beyond just coaching clients through their workouts. Here are a few options to consider. 

Workout Programs

Offering downloadable workout programs are a great way to begin an online training business. You can start by creating templates for certain fitness goals. You can organize templates within the following categories:

  • Strength
  • Weight loss
  • Power 
  • Athletic performance
  • General health and wellbeing

Break down templates even more with beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs. Each potential client has different goals within their big goal. It is more efficient to have something already prepared that you can just edit accordingly.

Here are some tips on how to optimize programming for personal training that also apply to online training. 

Nutrition Programs

Nutrition is a key component to helping clients achieve their fitness goals. If you are qualified in nutrition you can create downloadable nutrition programs. Like downloadable workout programs, you can have templates already made to make it easier when creating a new program for clients.

Templates can consist of calorie requirements in increments of 500 calories. Start with a 1500 calorie template and range up to 3500 calorie templates. Then, based on your client’s needs and caloric intake requirements, you can choose a template to edit. Adjust macronutrients, food choices, number of meals, and meal timing accordingly. 

Habit-Based Coaching

Workout programs and nutrition plans are popular in online coaching. Though something that trainers have not started implementing as much is habit-based coaching. A potential client might not need a training or nutrition program. Perhaps you already created one for them or they just have one. But they still might need additional help. This could be with consistency or completing program requirements each day.

This is where habit-based coaching can be beneficial. Habit-based coaching is as simple as helping clients track things like:

  • Workout completion
  • Exertion level
  • Level of tiredness/energy
  • Mood before and after a workout
  • Quantity and quality of sleep
  • Satiety and hunger levels

Some clients need extra accountability. You can provide this service through a fitness app with progress trackers, two-way messaging, or email support.

Fitness app subscriptions bring workout, nutrition, and habit-based coaching into one form of execution. An app allows you to keep clients organized under one umbrella.

Daily reminders, check-ins, and workout tasks all hold clients accountable. Other tools can be implemented like calorie counters, recipes, grocery lists, and workout trackers.

How To Expand Your Online Training Business

Once you successfully have your personal training business up and running you will need to expand to grow more. Be creative in expanding your personal training program. Holding workshops and selling additional fitness products can increase revenue. 


Workshops are a way to convert potential clients into paying clients. Also offering a free virtual personal training session or workout can attract new customers to your personal training business.

Workshop topic ideas you can teach and invite existing clients or referrals to could include:

  • The Best Workouts for Weight Loss
  • How to Increase Strength
  • Most Optimal Ways to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

You can even take this a step further and grow your online training business to train other trainers. Have one part of your online training business for training clients. Then add another part to run workshops that teach other fitness professionals how to grow their business as well.

Include workshops that teach personal trainers how to successfully conduct sessions, such as working with certain populations, designing programs, and focusing on client retention.

Fitness Products

Once your business is profitable you can focus on an apparel line or selling branded fitness products. This can include resistance bands, weighted vests, fitness attire, and more. The sky is the limit. 

Are you ready to level up your personal training business? Check out the ISSA Online Coach Certification. Gain the knowledge to grow your online personal training business—help more clients and make more money!


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