Automated Emails to Improve Your Personal Training Business

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Being successful as a personal trainer requires that you be able to deliver results. This keeps current clients coming back for more. It also shows a prospective client that you are a trainer worth investing in.

Part of running a successful personal training business involves continuously marketing your services. If you’re not careful, this can eat up a lot of time, which means less time spent creating workout plans. Automating your fitness marketing helps solve this problem.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

The more you can put your fitness trainer business on auto-pilot, the better. This enables you to spend more time doing what you love—working directly with your ideal client—versus being stuck behind a computer trying to entice a potential client to sign up for your services.

Automating your marketing also means that your fitness business can grow even when you’re doing other things. Your marketing works for you 24/7, with no major involvement on your part. This is particularly important if you offer online personal training. When your clients are in different time zones, you can’t always issue an immediate response.

Setting up your marketing to act without you makes it easier to scale your training business. You’re able to communicate with each of your clients, even as your list grows. No one falls through the cracks, and you become known as a trainer who always keeps in touch.

Does this sound too good to be true? It isn’t with personal training software that offers email automation.

Using Online Personal Training Software to Automate Your Emails

There are a number of online platforms that offer the ability to automate your email marketing efforts. This enables you to go in and schedule your emails in advance. It also creates automatic triggers for when your emails are sent. 

With so many software options, how do you choose the one that is right for your fitness business? There are a few factors to consider.

First, how many clients can the software accommodate? As your personal training business grows, the software needs to grow with it. If it only allows you to automate emails to a limited number of people, you’ll outgrow it as your client list increases.

Second, does the software interact with your other marketing accounts, such as social media? When your software interacts with your other marketing efforts, it makes it easier on you. You can access multiple marketing streams within the same platform. 

If it interacts with your social media accounts, for instance, using software that sends your posts automatically enables you to create your messages without having to go into each individual platform. It also reduces the likelihood that you’ll wind up surfing through Facebook or Instagram for hours, eating up even more time out of your day.

Third, can you automate a variety of emails within the client management software? This helps you grow your personal training business from a number of different angles.

 ISSA, International Sports Sciences Association, Certified Personal Trainer, ISSAonline, Automate Emails, Automated Emails to Improve Your Personal Training Business, Laptop

What Type of Emails Should You Automate as a Personal Trainer?

Different types of emails serve different purposes. Some help you grow your fitness by showing a client your level of expertise. Others help you promote new fitness products and services. This increases your revenues. Which emails should you send automatically as a personal trainer?

Weekly or Monthly Newsletters

Newsletters are a good way to stay in touch with current clients.  They’re also an effective way to show your expertise in the fitness industry. Automate newsletters to provide clients workout motivation or offer tips for creating a healthier meal plan. Staying in contact regularly increases client retention. It keeps you at the forefront of their mind and inspires them to continue working with you in an effort to reach their fitness goals.

Personal Training Session Reminders

Even the most dedicated client can sometimes miss a training session because they forgot. Maybe they didn’t write it on their calendar or they somehow got distracted. Send personal training clients email reminders of their upcoming workout session. Even if they still can’t make it to the gym, it gives the opportunity to reschedule to a new date. This keeps you from wasting time as you sit and wait, only for them to be a no-show.

New Client Welcome Email

If you’re new to personal training, it may not seem like a big deal to send a welcome email every time you get a new client. But performing this task as your business grows can quickly turn into a headache. Especially if you operate an online personal training business and have a constant stream of new members. Automating your welcome emails is a great way to introduce yourself to a new client. It also reduces the chances that you’ll forget, missing the opportunity to begin to build a strong relationship.

Promotional Emails

It is easy to overwhelm a new personal training client by sending them promotional emails too soon. Instead, use automated emails to promote products and services at a specific time. For example, if a client signs up for your class designed to develop six-pack abs, direct your personal trainer software to send a series of emails promoting your other programs directed toward the core.

Workout Videos for Online Clients

If you are an online personal trainer, schedule the delivery of your pre-recorded workouts in advance. This saves you a ton of time because they go out automatically versus trying to remember which client should receive which video and when. You can also develop little teaser videos to entice current clients to sign up for more fitness services.

7 Tips for Using Automated Emails to Improve Your Personal Training Business

When creating your automated emails, there are a few things you can do to make your marketing more effective. This begins with creating a compelling subject line.

1. Your subject line must inspire your personal training clients to open the email. If it doesn’t, the content it contains is irrelevant. What makes for a catchy email subject line?

2. HubSpot recommends creating a sense of urgency or inspiring curiosity. An example of the first is indicating that you have a limited time offer. You can instigate curiosity by asking a question. This forces them to open the email if they want to know the answer.

3. Once they open your email, its content must deliver. It must provide some sort of value to your client. This could be by giving them a deal on your latest fitness service. It might also involve providing advice for overcoming some of their biggest struggles. For example, if you are marketing to clients who are training for a marathon, send an email with tips for fitting their training into their schedule. You can also automate emails that explain what their running should look like that week.

4. Keep in mind that most people today don’t have time to sit and read lengthy emails. Instead, automate messages that are short and to the point. If your client knows that they can read your correspondence quickly, they’re less inclined to unsubscribe.

5. Also include links to your social media platforms and encourage them to follow you there. You can do this easily in your email signature. Place “Follow Me on Facebook” below your name, with that phrase linked directly to your Facebook page.

6. Think like your ideal client when creating your automated emails. What questions will they likely have that a well-timed email can answer? Try to follow a logical progression so your emails are received at the right time. 

7. If you are certified in other areas, share this information in some of your emails as well. This can help you promote other services you offer. It also shows that, as a trainer, you can help them with many of their fitness needs. 

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