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The Best Personal Trainer Software for Your Business

The Best Personal Trainer Software for Your Business

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If you’re serious about being a personal trainer and about building a real, lasting business, it’s time to modernize. The best, most successful fitness professionals today use personal trainer software to organize information and schedules. Online personal training software can also be used to communicate with clients, build workouts, and track progress.

Most software programs include websites and apps that both you and your clients can use to connect. This is what clients expect now, but the importance of using apps and software goes well beyond impressing clients.

The main reason to turn to software is that it will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively. You will be able to take on more clients, earn more, and help more people reach their goals sooner. But you have to find the right program first.

When and Why to Use Personal Trainer Software

Does every personal trainer or health coach need software? Maybe, maybe not. It largely depends on your preferences, but if you are serious about building a career and your own business, you should strongly consider it.

Personal Trainer Software is Essential for Your Online Coaching Business

If you plan to start an online coaching or training business, the right software is a must. Trying to offer training using only email and text messaging is like living in the Stone Age. Online personal training software helps you stay in touch with fitness clients using today’s technology. It comes with a variety of features designed to make virtual training a reality. This typically includes:

  • A branded website
  • Programmable workouts and meal plans
  • Instant messaging
  • Workout and progress tracking
  • Metrics analysis
  • Payment methods within the app
  • Scheduling and calendars
  • Ability to set up groups
  • Automated emails and other marketing tools

Using personal training software provides many tools for enhancing your training programs. 

Manage Your Growing Client List 

On a basic level, personal trainer software assists with client management. The more clients you sign up for sessions, the more difficult it is to manage. You have to keep track of all their information, schedules, and collect payments

This can be done more easily—and with fewer embarrassing mistakes—with the right personal training software. Using an app helps you stay in touch with each individual client. It makes each one feel valued, increasing your appeal as a personal trainer.

Offer Better Training Results

Being a more effective trainer means helping more of your clients meet their fitness goals. This is the end result you want to achieve. Admittedly, any good trainer can do this with or without technology. But you can train your clients more effectively with a fitness app. 

This type of software helps you better track client progress. As a personal fitness trainer, you must often adjust a client’s workout based on their progress. An app is an easy way to do this. Using an app also enables you to update meal plans and include better accountability. You can do all of this with the right software for your personal training business.

Save Time, Train More Clients

What all of this boils down to is that you can do more with the right tools. With a good personal trainer software package, you will be more efficient, organized, and effective. This means you can train more clients in the same amount of time and earn more.

Using software can also make you a better personal trainer. You’re able to respond to a client more quickly. You can make changes to their program between training sessions. This helps them reach their fitness goals faster. 

Software also enables you to automate your personal training business. It frees you up as a fitness professional so you can look after other areas of your business. It shows your client that you care enough about their fitness to not let them fall through the cracks. 

Which software offers all of these benefits? That’s a good question. Fortunately, we do have the answer.

Best Online Personal Training Software

We polled the experts—you all, the trainers—to find out your favorite software programs for personal training. Based on the responses received, these are ones that are worth a look:

SmartFitness – Save Time While Increasing Client Retention

The SmartFitness platform saves you time when providing personal training services. It does this by enabling you to quickly create client programs. You can also see individual client data at a glance. 

Using SmartFitness offers another benefit. It is related to client retention. Thinking like a client for a moment, imagine that you could correspond with your online trainer immediately. Wouldn’t this be appealing? 

This app offers this ability via 2-way, real-time messaging. No more asking your clients to wait until they see you at the fitness studio or gym. Now they can get their questions answered when they occur. Providing them a platform that offers this option makes you a desirable online personal trainer.  

PT Distinction – Multiple Tools

PT Distinction is one of the top-reviewed software programs for personal training. Users like the fact that it saves them time. This makes it possible to work with more clients. Or if you prefer, it gives you free time, your choice. 

This platform also offers custom branding and integration to your website. Why does this matter? When clients visit your site, they see your brand, not PT Distinction. If you are a gym owner, this can help you grow your fitness business.

Other features include access to marketing resources, some of which are automated, a program builder, and an exercise library. It also offers a group training function.

Trainerize – For Trainers or Gyms

You can start using Trainerize for free. Input data for just one client and get a feel for the program. You aren’t charged for 30 days, giving you time to see if this is the right software for you.

This app is good if you offer online personal training. You can easily create on-demand workouts and classes. Trainerize is also beneficial for hybrid trainers who offer both in-person and online services. It even has programs for gym owners and independent trainers.

Additional Trainerize functions include training program builders, the ability to track client progress, and nutrition management. You can collect payments within the app, which also offers in-app communications.

TrueCoach – Personalized Coaching

TrueCoach focuses on individualized coaching and communication with clients. Your clients log into their workouts and you can both review and discuss. You can also create and privately store coaching videos to share as you see fit. 

This app even provides access to custom metrics for analysis. This helps you make decisions about how to help your clients make better progress. Certain data provides the information needed to grow your personal training business. All of this exists within the TrueCoach app.

My PT Hub – Unlimited

With My PT Hub, you can create and store an unlimited number of workouts and nutrition plans to share as many clients as you wish. That makes this a platform that will grow with your business. 

Other features include online scheduling, the ability to accept payments (including recurring payments), instant messaging, shopping lists, and grouping functions.

FitSW – Workout Builder

FitSW has many of the same features as other software programs. These include instant messaging, an exercise and nutrition library, scheduling calendars, progress tracking, team accounts, automated emails, and payments. 

FitSW also includes a unique workout builder. This makes it easy to develop individualized programs for each client. Offering this service can set your online personal training business apart from others. 

Other Personal Trainer Software Programs to Try

The above are the tried-and-tested software programs preferred by your colleagues. But they are not the only options. If you haven’t found the one you like, there are a few other software packages designed just for trainers. 


This program includes scheduling calendars with waitlists and cancellation options, automated payments, and customizable reports to analyze your business metrics. It includes a customizable app for your clients to use and progress tracking. Customer service reps will help you import any data you have in an existing app or program and provide 24/7 support.


Coachific promotes an intuitive interface that it is easy for both you and your clients to use. You get one simple dashboard from which you can access to all the features. These include coaching programs and workouts, client tracking and check-ins, customized content, goal setting, and nutrition plans.


If your biggest need in software is scheduling and organization, try 10to8. This package includes easy booking for individuals and groups, email and text appointment reminders, online payments, and the ability to sync with other calendars. Not only will this keep you organized and save you time in bookings, but it should also reduce no-shows.

Personal trainer software could mean the difference between just getting by and truly excelling. Take the time to learn one of these systems and you can enjoy greater success, more free time, and happier clients.

For new and seasoned trainers alike, the fastest way to boost your personal training business is with ISSA’s Online Coaching Certification. Start building a better training business today!


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