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Trading in Depression for Competitions

Trading in Depression for Competitions

By Casie Beachy

Someone looking at me wouldn't know that I've overcome obesity, physical abuse, anxiety, and depression. I've had it all then hit rock bottom within the same year.

Fitness has been a core factor in all of my life seasons. It's given me the ability to fight disease, be at my optimal mental and physical health, and give me the confidence to leave an abusive relationship. If it wasn't for fitness, I'm not sure where I would be right now.

I wasn't always the fit and spunky girl you see today. Growing up I was in sports, but I was never "athletic." I remember being in soccer when I was in 3rd grade and getting yelled at by the coach to pay attention instead of looking for bugs. Like I said, I wasn't athletic at all.

I played softball, but I was one of the slowest runners on the team because of my weight. I used to sit on the couch for hours and hours after school with a bag of Lays potato chips and mindlessly munch until the whole bag was gone!

I was lazy, unenthusiastic, and had no energy.

When I was 16 and about to start high school, I decided I needed to make a change. More importantly, I wanted to make the change!

I was so sick of feeling unhappy and self-conscious about just living in my own skin. I always wanted to be "myself," the fun and outgoing person I knew I was. But I was hiding behind my insecurities. I made a vow to change.

I changed my eating and exercise habits. I knew I needed a goal to reach, so I decided to enter my very first 5K, which my hometown holds every year. The Annual Hobo Day 5K. (you read it right, my hometown celebrates 'hobos'). When I first started training, I couldn't make it far before I was so out of breath I was wheezing. Even so, I kept pushing every day, and by the end of the summer I dropped 30 pounds off my 5'6" frame and was 145! I was so happy and proud of myself!! I finished the 5k never happier!

I decided to keep going with my health and fitness, lost another 10 pounds, and picked up weightlifting. Weightlifting opened so many doors for me. It allowed me to meet a woman who encouraged me to compete in bikini competitions. Then, I became curious about getting my personal training certification, and I kept meeting so many amazing people.

I had a new found passion and self-confidence that I have never had before!

Pursuing my passion for health and fitness has led me where I am today. I am a Mom, a personal trainer, bikini competitor, and obstacle course racer.

My biggest goal is to help and motivate other people to reach their full potential and help new moms realize they can be fit and healthy while being the best mom they can be!


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