The Decompression Advantage

Improving the bodies and lives of you and your clients can be only a stretch away.

If you knew of an exercise that not only decompresses and strengthens your spine and back, but also increases the athletic performance of you and your clients, would you do it and recommend it?

And would you be even more interested in knowing what that exercise is, if you knew it was the very same exercise that was, and is, being used by Olympic athletes and elite military members all over the world today?

I’ll bet you’d answer “yes.”

For decades, I’ve trained Olympic, professional, and high-level athletes and elite military units.

The exercise I’m talking about is Forward Flexion Inversion.

To many, it sounds complicated, but it’s not.

As a trainer, you no doubt know that many people suffer from back pain and the majority do so needlessly.

Just in the United States, more than 100 million people do so each day

A good friend and colleague whom I highly respect, Dr. Sal Arria (co-founder of the ISSA), saw this firsthand for years during his practice as head of one of the world’s most-respected sports medicine chiropractic clinics.

And I see it too in my sports science practice in Los Angeles, working with elite athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and regular folks who just want to look and feel great, and perform at their best.

For many, one of the biggest causes of back pain is muscle imbalance due to weak abdominals, tight hamstrings, glutes, and low back weakness or tightness.

As the back pain sufferer becomes de-conditioned, his/her body becomes less stable, and the downward spiral continues to accelerate.

Forward Flexion Inversion stops all of that in its tracks

And it does so by using the Spinal Decompressor.

Perhaps you’ve seen devices over the years, like inversion tables or clamps or boots around the ankles, where the athlete/client hangs and lets their back stretch out.

Stay away from them

Hanging from the ankles with clamps or boots often contributes to the development of vascular problems and weakening of the knee joints, as well as too much blood flow to the head.

Using Forward Flexion Inversion by using the Spinal Decompressor eliminates all of that.

There are no ankle clamps. Weight bearing is on the thighs, and the spine is bent forward, creating maximum distraction of the spine, increasing nerve supply, circulation, and oxygenation to every muscle and organ of the body.

The result is increased Spinal Core StabilityTM and strengthening of the complete musculature of the spine 360-degrees.

All of this leads to increased athletic performance as well as decreasing and oftentimes eliminating back pain and instability.

As an ISSA trainer, your education and knowledge are just two of the things that set you apart from your competition.

Your clients look to you to provide them with the knowledge and real world strategies and techniques that can help them accomplish any fitness goal they might have.

Just think how your personal training practice and clientele could grow if you could also teach them how to prevent back pain and in many cases, get rid of it once and for all.

The Spinal Decompressor can change your and your clients’ bodies and lives

As a five-time official Olympic team doctor, the creator of exercises for the Orthopod and the inventor of the Invertabod (my original Flexion Inversion Machines), I see lives change each week simply by using my Spinal Decompressors.  If you want to be ahead of every other trainer and offer the best training program possible, your clients should decompress their spines.

And it couldn’t be easier.

Using the Spinal Decompresssor just two minutes before and after each workout is all it takes. I know there are many fitness organizations out there, and having seen them all, I also know that none can match the level of education and customer service that the ISSA provides.

That’s why once you have your own Spinal Decompressor, I want to offer you, the ISSA trainer and member, a direct line to me, Dr. LeRoy Perry ([email protected]), so I can help you answer any questions you have, anytime you have them.

For the smart trainer looking to stand out from the crowd and offer a specialized training option no one can match to your clients, the Spinal Decompressor will be the perfect answer and solution you’ve been looking for.

What causes the spine to be compressed and can it be fixed without surgery?

A great majority of people suffer from back pain as a result of compression and muscle imbalance resulting from some type of trauma.

There are basically two types of trauma that can lead to spinal compression: macro-trauma, such as an impact injury; and micro-trauma, which is not caused by an injury but instead by gravity plus accumulative bad habits, such as poor posture.

Either type of trauma can result in compression of the spine, causing severe back pain, disc bulge, nerve root/vascular compression, and eventually degenerative arthritis.

I advocate active, daily decompression therapy to reverse some of these conditions and relieve chronic and severe back pain.

Relieving back pain and spinal compression is just a couple of the reasons why active, daily spinal decompression is important and can improve your quality of life.

What are the benefits of using the Spinal Decompressor?

The Spinal Decompressor uses gravitational forces with active inverted movement/exercise to stretch both outer spinal muscles (extrinsic) and inner muscles (intrinsic) on the backside of the body while contracting and strengthening the opposing musculature on the front of the body and vice versa.

This stretch / strengthening phenomenon creates Spinal Core StabilityTM, literally strengthening the musculature of the spine in a 360-degree coordinated balance.

The benefits of active spinal decompression are an increase in vertebral disc space, which decreases vascular and nerve pressure.

One major component of the aging process is loss of oxygen to our tissue. By increasing disc space and blood flow, we are increasing oxygenation and improving our body’s metabolic processes including detoxification.

Active spinal decompression aids our overall body to not only increase circulation and nerve supply but also enhance balance and coordination, which can revitalize the body.

How does the Spinal Decompressor improve athletic performance?

While inverted, the special saddle seat design of the Spinal Decompressor enables the user to contract their adductor (inner thigh) muscles, which activates the lower abdominal muscles, contributing to Spinal Core StabilityTM.

This technique has been instrumental in improving athletic performance and specifically the vertical jump of athletes.

Inverted spinal decompression with active motion creates a physiological pump mechanism, which increases circulation and stimulates the brain to reprogram the sensory/motor reflex of the opposing muscles of the spine.

This neuromuscular balancing, the result of muscles being stretched and elongated while the opposing muscles are actively contracting, creates an increase in balance, coordination and symmetrical muscular and therefore postural development.

The greatest benefits are achieved during inverted cradling, spinal torsion twists, and abdominal exercises with a relaxation (unloading) moment between movements.

How does the Spinal Decompressor improve posture?

As gravity takes its toll, our spines literally become compressed, and we lose height. The girth of our pelvis also widens in front, and our rear sacroiliac joints become tight and compressed.

Tight back muscles increase lordosis (lower back curvature or sway back), causing the lower thoracic spine to pull backward while the front of our body compensates by pull-
ing forward and downward, which leads to rounding of the shoulders.

In chiropractic and medical terminology, this pathomechanical (stress bearing) posture creates kyphosis (forward curvature of the thoracic spine). Kyphosis can decrease vital lung capacity and create compression on the heart.

Another pathomechanical compression problem of the spine is scoliosis, which, just like Kyphosis, can significantly be helped by decompressing the spine with the Spinal Decompressor, which stretches the spine and helps balance the muscles supporting the spine.

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Dr. LeRoy Perry